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Best Beach Cruisers on the Market 1


Schwinn Huron and Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike


Best Beach Cruisers on the Market 2

Firmstrong Navitas Organics Beach Cruiser Bicycle


Best Beach Cruisers on the Market 3

Firmstrong Chief Man Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle


Best Beach Cruisers on the Market 4


Margaritaville First Look Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike


Best Beach Cruisers on the Market 5


Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bike

A laid back day at the beach can include a host of recreational activities for anyone.

From walking on the promenade and strolling on the sand barefooted to catching some rays and biking along the seafront, there’s a lot one can do to seize the day next to the ocean.

Relaxing by the beach is cathartic for everyone regardless of the activity a person chooses to let go of their worries to enjoy the sound of waves lapping the ocean.

Whether you ride a bike, surf, swim, or lounge all day long, you will feel deliciously exhausted and super light having spent your time under the sun next to the calming tides. Even if someone is not a beach baby and feels itchy near the sea, they can also not deny the calm that washes over them by the coast

In a nutshell, spending time at the beach is nothing but relaxing, which is why every activity, every sport practiced there, is also all about leisure and enjoyment without having to make too much effort.

Whether you enjoy languorously walking by the beach or whizzing on your beach cruiser to experience biking at the beach, you are bound to get a thrill out of it all.

And speaking of getting a thrill and biking at sea, the two are intricately intertwined. When it comes to truly revel beach time, cruising on a beach bike is a given.

People love to pedal away on a two-wheeler clad in shorts and tank tops with flip flops resting under their feet. But biking at the beach is not the same as in the city or near the mountains.

The terrain on which one rides their bike hugely impacts the experience, and thus, the gear for biking in different locations has to be befitting.

If you are riding in a mountainous region, you cannot work with a road bike; you will need a mountain bike that’s exclusively designed to navigate through the twists and turns of the area. Similarly, you will need a beach cruiser, when pedaling near the sea to fully enjoy the experience.

While having so many varieties of bikes on the market is mostly beneficial for buyers, it can sometimes be quite confusing, especially when it comes to beach cruising.

Since biking at the beach is pretty basic so everyone can do it, which means people without any background knowledge of bikes can also try their hand at beach cruising. Beach cruisers are super easy to use; therefore, anyone can use them.

However, buying a beach cruiser is not the easiest thing in the world. Most people don’t know what they want or should want in a beach bike, also known as moto bike, so they end up making the wrong choice.

If you are one of those people, here we have a detailed beach cruiser bikes review that will give you all the information about the best beach cruiser bikes.

So let’s jump straight into it and see what the best beach cruiser bikes are.

Winner Overall: Schwinn Huron and Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike


Featured Specs

  • Frame: 17-inch, medium steel step-over
  • Tires: 2 x 26 inches
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Wheels: Aluminum alloy


The Schwinn Huron and Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike is among the best-rated beach cruiser bikes and rightfully so. It features a sturdy, 17-inch frame made from steel that supports the biker’s body conveniently.

The aluminum-alloy wheels on this cruiser bicycle are each 26 inches wide and offer superior traction during rides to all riders lying anywhere between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet 2 inches on the height scale.

Moreover, you get a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain with twist shifters that allow quick and smooth gear changes. Schwinn is known for its durable bikes that make leisure riding so much more fun and relaxing, and this model is no different.

With the front and rear brakes on this two-wheeler, you can stop the bike whenever need be, without getting any mud on you that might ricochet off the terrain due to abrupt halting, thanks to the long curvy fenders installed over the wheels.

The curved, elevated handlebars on this Schwinn Huron model allow users to sit in an upright position without having to bend forward and compromising their spine posture.

Simply put, The Schwinn Huron and Mikko adult bike is among the best beach cruiser bikes with gears that offers everything a beach biker would want.


Although this Huron treasure is mostly good stuff, there are some negatives that you should know. It’s an easy-to-assemble bike, but adjusting the brakes and derailleurs on it can be a little too tricky.

Moreover, the sturdy construction may come off as unwieldy for some. Lastly, sometimes the 26-inch wide tires can feel a bit inadequate if compared to a mountain bike.

Extra Features

The Schwinn Huron and Mikko Adult Bike comes with a quilted seat that offers an expansive plane for a person’s rear and provides maximum comfort.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a versatile, built-to-last cruiser bike for a reasonable price, you should definitely put this Huron masterpiece in the top three, if not on the top, on your list of potential bike options.

Runner Up: Firmstrong Navitas Organics Beach Cruiser Bicycle


Featured Specs

  • Frame: 15-inch steel frame
  • Tires: 2 x 26 inches
  • Weight: 37 lbs. Approx.
  • Wheels: aluminum


The Navitas Organic by Firmstrong lies high on our list of the best beach cruiser bikes for women.

It is a well-constructed cruiser that features 26-inch wide balloon tires for superior grip on the road. The classic curvy beach cruiser frame design on this beauty is made with high-quality steel and is 15 inches in dimension.

Moreover, the rubber block pedals and coaster brakes make the Navitas Organic by Firmstrong a lot more user friendly and make for effortless riding experience. 

Featuring a wide dual-spring seat, this beach cruiser is perfect for women that are 5 to 6 feet tall. For a laid-back, carefree ride at the beach, this single-speed cruiser bicycle is a decent choice for experienced and beginner cyclists alike.


There aren’t any drawbacks in this cruiser model per se; however, since it’s a single-speed bike, you can’t do more than just cruise across flat terrain. Therefore, it is not well-suited for more nuanced riding experience.

Extra Features

The Navitas Organics by Firmstrong features foam grips on its handlebars to provide superior comfort to users, making it ideal for women with sensitive skin.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a bike to scratch your itch for pedaling on a flatland at a reasonably high speed, then this Firmstrong beauty is definitely worth considering.

It offers users everything for an effortless, yet thrilling riding experience every time. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors (namely, mint green, baby blue, pink and army green) so you can get the one that matches your style and aesthetic preference.

Alternative: Firmstrong Chief Man Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Chief Man Single Speed Beach Cruiser

Featured Specs

  • Frame: 19-inch steel frame
  • Weight: 39 lbs. Approx.
  • Tires: 2 x 26 inches
  • Wheels: Aluminum


Since we just went over a beach cruiser bike for women by Firmstrong, it’s only fair that now we review one of their best beach cruiser bikes for men. So, here we go.

The Firmstrong Chief Man Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a high-caliber, well-constructed cruiser bike for men, especially those who are relatively taller than an average person.

The elongated 19-inch steel frame makes pedaling this three-speed cruiser bike easy and fun for men who struggle to find the right-sized beach bike for themselves due to their height.

Furthermore, the high arching top tube adds to the comfortable design of the bike, making it all the more user-friendly.

Men measuring up to 5 feet, 4 inches to 6 feet or 4 inches can conveniently steer this two-wheeler, without compromising on their comfort. The 26-inch wide balloon tires on this Firmstrong wonder enable bikers to enjoy cushioned rides all the time.

Offering a forward pedaling design and super easy to assemble, the Chief Man Single Speed Beach Cruiser by Firmstrong keeps the seat closer to the ground, giving users a better sense of sitting purchase while riding.

Get your hands on this beauty in black to enjoy a languorous ride by the shorefront at any time.


The multiple gear options on the Firmstrong Chief Man Speed Beach Cruiser may be hard to navigate through for some users. If you think you could be one of those, this bike might be a no-no for you. 

Extra Features

Just like its female counterpart, this beach cruiser for men features foam grips over the handlebars to give users a comfortable grip.

Having soft gripping planes on a bike makes riding on uneven tracks much easier on the hands as you don’t feel an intense impact if the bicycle hits a bump.

Buying Advice

If you ask us, the Chief Man Speed Beach Cruiser is ideal for just about anyone.

Even though we did say that the three drivetrain options may be hard to handle for some, but with a little effort, anyone can get the hang of it. Therefore, you should consider buying this incredible two-wheeler to fulfill all your cycling dreams.

Best for Women: Margaritaville First Look Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike

Margaritaville First Look Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike Review

Featured Specs

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Weight: ‎17.87 kilograms
  • Tires: 2 x 26 inches
  • Wheels: Aluminum


The Margaritaville First Look Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike is our next best option. This laid-back machine is designed mainly for riding on the beach and comes in bright colors to match the beach vibe. Its classy whitewall tires on orange rims will help you flaunt your style and keep you looking good even as you ride.

But it’s not just the looks that won our hearts. The bike’s lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame helps you enjoy a smooth and comfy ride. Meanwhile, the high-rise handlebars offer better riding comfort and stability, allowing you to keep moving forward easily.

The soft padded seat, too, is built for comfort and helps you maintain an upright riding position. This allows you to ride for miles without feeling discomfort in your joints and muscles or chafing on your buttocks and thighs.

The bike features a dual suspension that absorbs impact at the front and rear, adding to your riding comfort and performance. It also has conventional foot-operated coaster brakes to help you control your speed while offering all-weather performance.

The bike also includes full coverage fenders that shield you from the mud and slush on the road. This allows you to wear your favorite outfits without worrying about them getting soiled while keeping you clean and dry throughout your ride.

The single-speed bike is practical for commuting around the city in all weather conditions and doesn’t require much maintenance.  


The bike does not provide an instruction manual, making it challenging to assemble. Moreover, coaster brakes may cause back-pedaling tendencies and awkward foot positioning. Some have also shared that the bike’s internal components are difficult to repair.

Extra Features

A front-mounted wire mesh basket on the cruiser bike lets you carry all you need for a day at the beach or a ride around town. It also features a cool cup holder, which allows you to carry your cup of joe or other favorite beverage and stay hydrated on the go.

Buying Advice

The Margaritaville First Look Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike is a suitable choice if you love riding on the boardwalk or around town and need an affordable bike that ranks high on style and features.

Buying Advice

Yes! That’s it. That’s our advice right there.

You should definitely buy the Margaritaville Coast Is Clear Women’s Beach Cruiser to enjoy the most enlivening biking experience. 

Best For Men: Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bike

Featured Specs

  • Frame: 17-inch steel
  • Weight: 30 lbs. Approx.
  • Tires: 2 x 26 inches
  • Wheels: aluminum


The aesthetic appeal of this men’s bicycle is as alluring as it gets. You don’t find such a sleek beach cruiser for men on the market easily. But this Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser bike is so lustrous and attractive that onlookers often struggle to look away.

Supported on the classic curvy steel frame, this bicycle is one of the best men’s beach cruiser bikes you can get.

Aside from its oh-so-striking appearance, the balloon tires, durable frame, oversized seat, wide handlebars, and coaster brakes make the Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser ideal for most men.

This bike is carefully sized for men from 5 feet, 4 inches to 6 feet, 2 inches tall. If you lie close to the mentioned height scale, you should consider buying this high-quality two-wheeler.


Since it’s a single-speed bike, you cannot enjoy rides over bumpy planes on this Firmstrong beauty.

Extra Features

The Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser comes with handlebars covered in foam, offering users superior comfort and grip.

Buying Advice

If you are all about form and functionality together, then this beach cruiser is for you. Get your hands on this beauty in matte or glossy exterior in any of these colors, army green, blue, red, black, brown, and orange.

Now that we have looked over all the popular beach cruiser choices let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about the widely cherished cruiser bicycle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beach Cruisers

What is a beach cruiser?


A beach cruiser, also known as a cruiser bicycle, is a straightforwardly designed bike that features white balloon tires, a simple steel (or any other lightweight)frame, an expansive seat, and in most cases, a single-speed drivetrain.

It is one of the most straightforward bikes to drive for anyone. Even the most inexperienced cycling hobbyists or beginner bikers can easily get the hang of riding a cruiser bicycle. It is so easy to ride because of its simple construction and comfortable design.

The features that distinguish a beach bike from a regular or mountain bike are the seat, handlebars, front tube or frame design, speed settings, tires, and brakes.

You may find other non-essential differences as well, but those are typically subject to what a manufacturer wants to offer to the users – for example, some companies market beach cruisers with fender for an additional aesthetic appeal.

But the most fundamental differences between a cruiser bicycle and other bikes are those mentioned above.

The seat

The saddle on a beach cruiser is generally more expansive than that on a standard bicycle. On a regular bike, the biker has to bend down and lean forward to speed up, because of that the saddle is quite narrow.

But in a beach bike, the rider is only concerned about cruising and having a good time, which is why the seat is designed to be wide so that the user gets maximum comfort and doesn’t have to bend forward.

Additionally, unlike on a cruiser bicycle, the handlebars on a standard bike are short and do not curve towards the biker’s body, so the rider has to lean forward to have superior control over the handles.

When a person is riding a beach bike, they want to kick back and enjoy a languorous ride that doesn’t require distorting the body, and the elongated curve handlebars and the wide seat allow users that ease.

Front tube or frame design

Beach cruisers have a curved top tube design that elevates a bike’s height and forms a sloped bar traveling from the handles to the seat. The unique frame construction of cruiser bikes makes them easily distinguishable.


One of the most critical features of a beach cruiser is its tires. The wheels on a cruiser bicycle are typically wider than those on a standard bike. The balloon wheels on beach bikes are designed this way to absorb shocks better.

Since most people prefer to cruise on a high speed, the chances of running into bumps are naturally increased, so to enable cruiser bikes to get through ditches as unscathed as possible, manufacturers install wide balloon tires. 

Single-speed setting

Although you can get a beach cruiser that has more than one-speed arrangements, most models offer only a single-speed setting. Because beach bikes are mostly used for cruising, there’s no as such need to have multiple speed options.

However, if you go for a high-end cruiser that is advanced, you will most likely get more than one-speed meters.


Most beach cruisers come with coaster brakes that necessitate back peddling for stopping the bike. But again, not all beach cruisers feature coaster brakes. And for anyone who rides in hilly terrains, cruiser bicycles with coaster brakes are not the best option.

If you cover steep areas on your bike, you shouldn’t buy a regular cruiser; instead, look for an advanced model.

All these fundamental elements of the beach cruiser are what make it ideal for fast peddling on flat land. So, even if you buy the most basic beach cruiser model, you can cycle a lot of fun and thrill out of it, as long as you’re biking on flat terrain.

But that begs the question; can you ride a cruiser if you are just starting your recreational cycling journey?

Are beach cruisers beginner friendly? Well, let’s see!

Are beach cruisers easier to ride than other bikes?


Yes! Beach cruisers are easier to ride than other bikes. However, like every bike, the more experienced you become, the more advanced models you can handle, in the case of cruiser bicycles also, once you get used to, you can move up the difficulty ladder and buy more advanced varieties.

Naturally, advanced cruiser bikes are not well-suited for beginners. If you are a beginner, you need to first champion riding the original cruiser bike that is not laced with modern features and gears and then try using the newer version.

The classic beach cruiser bike offers a comfortable ride to everyone and has all the tools to tackle all the quirks of a flatland. You can sit back, relax, and pedal to your heart’s content from dusk till dawn.

 But if you wish to ride up a mountain, then you need to buy an intricate cruiser bicycle that is equipped to handle the rocky terrain.

Is a beach cruiser bike good for exercise?


Cycling is considered as one of the best moderate-intensity workouts that are excellent to burn calories. Staying fit and working out to lose weight is all about being consistent.

And cycling allows you to be that as it doesn’t completely wear you out but burns enough calories at a time. However, just like any other workout, you need to be careful about a few things to reap maximum benefits from cycling.

The sign of effective exercise is elevated heart rate and plenty of sweat. So if you want to achieve that, you need to put sufficient effort into pedaling and increase the intensity every few minutes to melt away the fat.

Even though you might not burn as many calories on a beach bike as you would on a mountain bike, riding a cruiser is still sufficient enough to stay fit and lose weight on the side.

Aside from the physical effects of biking at the beach, you can also reap ample mental benefits, which in turn will facilitate your weight loss journey. Many people fail to realize the connection between psychological and physical fitness.

If a person wants to lose weight, they need to be at ease mentally as much as possible to get better and faster results. Studies show that stress is associated with obesity. Being close by the sea is excellent at releasing anxiety, which is why cruising at the beach is massively useful for losing weight.

Should I get a multispeed or single speed beach cruiser?


Choosing between a multispeed and single-speed beach cruiser is a choice the user has to make on their own based on their preference and biking needs. There is no one size fits all to decide on the type of gear settings one should select when buying a beach cruiser.

You need to consider the pros and cons of both varieties and decide which one suits your needs better. To help you come to a decision, we are going to list down all the positives and negatives of multispeed and single-speed beach cruisers that will help you make an informed choice.

Multispeed Beach Cruisers

Multispeed beach cruisers are excellent for those who like to steer their bikes up hilly areas. Riding a bike up a slope or on uneven terrain requires a lot more effort than traversing through a flatland.

But with the option of multiple gears, the need to power through and unceasingly pedal is reduced because the user can shift settings according to the riding plane. Not having various speed options can become too stifling for bikers and spoil the riding experience significantly.

A multispeed cruiser bicycle is an excellent option if you want to enjoy inclined grounds without wearing yourself out.

But bear in mind that it is not as straightforward and user-friendly as a single-speed beach cruiser. You need to thoroughly understand how to maneuver a multispeed beach bike before embarking on a risky ride.

Single-Speed Beach Cruisers

What makes a multispeed bike superior brings down the utility of a single-speed beach cruiser. That is, single-speed beach cruisers are not the most suitable ride to journey across a gradient plane like when going up a hill.

Since they do not offer any additional support to users when going against gravity and powering up bumpy terrain, they make such trips extremely onerous.

With that said, a single-speed cruiser bike is a decent two-wheeler for urban dwellers who have a fixed route and do not like to charge through winding courses. It’s simple in its construction and easy to use.

If you are looking for an uncomplicated bike to whizz through the city or bask in the beachy goodness, a single-speed beach cruiser is a right choice for you.

The Bottom-Line

Consider your riding needs and expertise level to decide between a multiple-gear and a single-speed beach cruiser.

If you are a beginner currently, but you’d like to climb up the difficulty ladder, you should still start with a single-speed bike to acquire some experience and then go for a multispeed cruiser.

What size of a beach cruiser is right for me?

Just like a biker has to account for their needs when deciding between a single and multispeed bike, they need to consider their body’s dimensions to choose the right-sized cruiser for themselves.

If you are a bulky individual, then naturally, you’ll need a bigger frame and more robust tires on your cruiser bicycle to ride comfortably. Although there isn’t a definitive way to decide on size when buying a beach cruiser, you can use the following guide chart to get an idea of what will work for you.

  • Children: 16 – 20 in wheels + 10 – 12 in frame
  • Women: 24 – 26 in wheels + 12 – 15 in frame
  • Men: 26 in wheels + 18 in frame

In the cycling world, these are the standard measurements for an average person. However, as mentioned earlier, you need to look at your height and weight to pick a bike for yourself.

You can do that by going for a trial run on the bike you wish to buy, and if that’s not possible, then at least mount the cruiser and pedal a little to assess how comfortable you feel.

Can you replace beach cruiser saddles?

Yes, you most certainly can! Even though beach cruisers have a fancy name, they are not that different than a standard bike when it comes to changing the saddle. You can change the seat on your cruiser bicycle, depending on its condition.

Typically, a bike saddle calls for a change when the bike’s been in an accident, and the seat sustained significant damage or has been in use for a long while.

Knowing if your cruiser’s saddle has deformed due to impact is pretty easy; naturally, if the bike has survived a crash, then the chances are that the saddle is damaged. If you can see indentations or bent corners on the seat, that’s also a pretty convincing indication of the need to change saddle.

Lastly, if you have been using the same saddle on your cruiser bike for ages, you should consider replacing it. Wear and tear due to excessive use is discernible by checking a saddle’s ability to repel or resist water.

If your shorts or pants get soaked every time you ride your cruiser in the rain or if the seat becomes wet when you sweat through your bottoms, then it’s a telltale sign that you need to change your bike’s saddle.

You can change your bike’s seat yourself if you have experience in the field; however, if not, hire an expert to get the job done. And remember, under no circumstances, ride on a loosely fixated saddle because that can lead to poor posture and control over the bike.

If you amateurishly replace the saddle on your cruiser bike to get done with the task, you will bear the consequences, and you will definitely not like them. Therefore, seek professional help if you don’t know how to install a bike saddle.


So this is it, folks, now you know everything there is to know about beach cruisers! Riding a beach cruiser is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating activities you can do to release stress.

With that said, even if you’re a naturally calm and collected person, you can also enjoy a cruiser bicycle to get in a productive workout sesh any day you want to sweat a little. Regardless of why you choose to pedal a beach cruiser bike, one thing is certain that you will have a grand old time.

So, don’t deprive yourself of the fun and buy your beach cruiser today. And with this extensive guide from yours truly, you will be able to choose the best cruiser bike for yourself!

Best Beach Cruisers on the Market 6

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