Best Bicycle Bell: Be Heard Out There

Best Bicycle Bell: Be Heard Out There





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Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser


Best Bicycle Bell: Be Heard Out There 2

Crane Bell Suzu


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Crane Bike Bell E-Ne


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Basil Polkadot Bicycle Bell


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Basil Wanderlust

When shopping for a new bicycle, chances are you don’t think about what bell you should fit on it right away, mainly because you’re so worried about components such as installing high-quality tires.

But having the right bicycle bell is super important because of how it’ll keep you safe – in fact, it can be said that a bike bell is one of the most important cycling accessories to use. 

Do you really need a bike bell or can you use a horn? A horn will make a louder sound than a bell and it can be too loud at certain times, which is why you should rather invest in a bike bell. This will ensure you can stay safe, be heard, but not become an annoyance on the road.  

Bike bells have come a long way as they have lots of cool features to make them useful – sometimes they can even be a fashion accessory as a bonus.

With the above in mind, read our guide to find the best bicycle bell to keep you safe and get you heard in traffic. We’ll start with the bell that makes our number-one spot and is sure to add a dash of color to your day.

Best Overall: Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser

Best Overall: Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser

Firmstrong has been in the business of designing quality and budget-friendly bikes for about a decade. It also provides cycling products that ensure you can look stylish out there while still having the functionality you need to make the most of riding your bike. 

This Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle bell makes the number-one spot in our best bike bell reviews for various reasons. It’s easy to mount as it gets installed on your bike’s handlebar.

It’s a classic ringer bell that is suitable for men’s, women’s, and kids’ cruiser bikes, so it’s versatile. Since it comes in such a variety of colors, it’ll be easy to match it to the color of your bike frame.

This best bicycle bell comes with the attachment hardware you need to install it. If you’ve ever installed a bicycle bell only to find that it would shake when you rode over uneven terrain, you’ll love that this one doesn’t shake or make a sound during your cycling session, as it remains securely in place. 

Unlike with other bicycle bells on the market, this one doesn’t have a plastic clamp. Instead, it’s got an all-metal construction so you can be guaranteed of its quality and durability. 


  • Material: metal
  • Size: 5.98 x 4.49 x 2.17 inches
  • Color: white, baby blue, chrome, mint green, pink, purple, red, vanilla


  • This best bike bell produces a classic ringer sound, which is sure to get you noticed by pedestrians and fellow cyclists.
  • It’s loud, so you don’t have to worry about not being heard. 
  • It’s simple to install as you just need a screwdriver to get the job done.
  • It’s also easy to remove if you have to do this in the future.
  • It’s designed to accommodate handlebars that are of different thicknesses.


  • It doesn’t come with padding to protect your bike’s finish.
  • It’s not designed to be used on the right handlebar. 
  • Some people have reported color discrepancies with this product.

Runner-Up: Crane Bell Suzu

Runner-Up: Crane Bell Suzu

Crane is a company that’s renowned for making some of the best and most beautiful bicycle bells in the world. This Suzu bicycle bell is made of strong brass, and weighs just 85 grams so it’s light. It’s made in Japan and produces a clear, loud, and pleasant tone. 

If you’re worried about irritating those around you with your bike bell, you’ll be glad to know that this one will get you heard and make people within close proximity smile because it sounds good.

That said, it’s loud enough to cut through other sounds in your surroundings, which will ensure you can stay safe, whether you’re riding on a busy road during rush-hour traffic or you’re cycling through tricky terrain outdoors. It has a 55mm diameter so it’s a good size.  

If you want a durable, effective bicycle bike bell without having to pay a lot of money for it, you’ll love that Crane offers bells that are more affordable than those of some of its competitors. 

Not just practical and durable, this bell stands out in the crowd because of its appealing vintage design. Its beautiful brass construction comes in different colors, such as gold and copper, to make it stylish but timeless so it won’t go out of fashion.  


  • Material: brass
  • Size: ‎5.28 x 3.62 x 1.65 inches
  • Color: copper, gold


  • You’ll love that this bicycle bell is easy to install.
  • It has a solid construction, so it’s sure to last for several years.
  • It doesn’t contain any plastic parts, so it’s made with quality in mind.
  • This best mountain bike bell comes with a steel band mount.
  • It comes in copper or gold and will look stylish on a variety of bikes.


  • Some people reported that the bell gets scratched easily. 
  • The hammer arm can become oxidized quickly. 
  • The metal button on the bell is quite sharp, so watch your fingers. 

Alternative: Crane Bike Bell E-Ne

Alternative: Crane Bike Bell E-Ne

This bicycle bell is a compact bell that you place on top of the handlebar for ease of use, but it has a special feature: you can instead install it in the front of the bar if you want it to be less visible. This gives you greater versatility.

It’s designed in a dome shape so that it will produce a bright and beautiful sound. The added benefit of this Crane bell’s shape and construction is that its sound resonates for longer than other bells on the market. 

This top-quality Japanese bicycle bell is made to look stylish and unique, while being practical for everyday use and durability. It’s resistant to rust and comes with a stainless-steel mount as well as stainless steel springs. You won’t find any plastic components on this bell, which will ensure it can last you for several years! 

If you regularly cycle, you know that having enough storage space on your bike for essentials such as your GPS and bike light is essential. You’ll therefore appreciate that this bell takes up only a small amount of space. 


  • Material: stainless steel 
  • Size: 4 x 3.6 x 2.2 inches
  • Color: polished brass, all chrome plated, brushed copper, chrome, matte black, neo black, polished copper, scotch brite brass, stealth black 


  • This best bicycle bell looks good on a variety of bikes, such as mountain bikes and city bikes. 
  • It’s easy to install on your bike – you just need a hex key. 
  • It comes with an adjustable stainless-steel mounting strap to fit diameters from 22.2mm to 31.8mm. 
  • You can adjust how loud this mtn bike bell rings – if you pull the lever all the way it will ring louder. 
  • Its stainless-steel mount has been coated with vinyl to protect your bike handlebars from getting scratched. 


  • The hammer is far from the bell surface, so you need to pull the lever hard to make the bell ring. 
  • It comes with one length strap instead of two, which competing brands’ products offer. 

Alternative: Basil Polkadot Bicycle Bell

Alternative: Basil Polkadot Bicycle Bell

This Netherlands-designed bike bell is versatile to fit all types of standard flat, riser, city handlebars and quill stems bikes. It’s a large bell that makes a classic sound but its design is what ensures it will add a dash of fun and personality to your bike. 

This is because it comes with a 50s-inspired design that will set you apart from other cyclists. It boasts polka-dot patterns that give you extra style for your bike, and these come in many variations.

To ensure it continues to look good long after you’ve purchased it, It has a lacquer finish to make it look stylish and shiny.

To ensure it doesn’t wobble during your cycling session, which can get in the way of you enjoying the experience, this bike bell comes with an aluminum clasp as well as two stainless-steel bolts to keep it securely fastened and in place.

This also means that the bell won’t vibrate or make a noise when you ride over bumps in the road. 


  • Material: metal, polyester
  • Size: 3.15 x 3.15 x 2.76 inches
  • Color: black/white, red/white


  • This mountain bike bell is easy to ring and produces a clear sound.
  • It’s also easy to install as you just require a screwdriver.
  • With its 80mm diameter, this bicycle bell is big and sure to make a statement wherever you ride it.
  • The bell is easy to disassemble if required, such as if you want to add it to a different bike.
  • People who have purchased this bell have said that it can be heard in traffic.


  • Some people have said that the bike bell sometimes makes a rattling noise.
  • The upper part of the bell needs regular tightening because it can become loose.
  • The bell design might not be appealing to you if you want something less decorative. 

Alternative: Basil Wanderlust

Alternative: Basil Wanderlust

This is another bike bell offering from Basil, a company that’s been in business for 40 years and produces bicycle bells (as well as other bike accessories) that are designed to look stylish while being functional. 

If you love the idea of owning a beautiful and unique bicycle bell, you’ll want to check out this Wanderlust model. It’s designed with a white background and has a bird print on it, so you’ll always make a statement wherever you’re riding your bicycle.

This also makes it a fantastic gift for a cycling enthusiast in your life who likes to stand out in the crowd.

This is an 80mm diameter bell that makes a distinct ding-dong sound that will alert people and cyclists in your environment that you’re approaching. 

This bike bell gets attached to your handlebar so that it’s easy to install and use.

When purchasing this bell on Amazon, you can also purchase a Basil bag that will enable you to store lots of accessories when you’re on the road. However, note that some of the specs listed on the page refer to the bag instead of the bell. 


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 3.1 x 3.1 x 2.7 inches
  • Color: Ivory


  • This bike bell fits all standard bicycle handlebars.
  • It doesn’t produce a shrill sound, but it will be clear and loud enough to get you noticed.
  • It comes in a variety of bicycle bell styles and colors if you don’t want to choose the ivory one.
  • It’s easy to operate whether you’re right- or left-handed.
  • The bell’s paintwork is strong and durable.


  • It’s bigger than it looks in the pictures online.
  • This bike bell Amazon sometimes rattles.
  • It can become scratched easily, so you have to be careful when using it.  

Bicycle Bell FAQ 

If you want to purchase a bicycle bell online, you might have some questions about it and how it’s supposed to work.

Read on to find out what you need to know, such as if it’s important to even own a bicycle bell and when you should ring it so that you don’t appear rude to other people in your environment. 

Should the bicycle bell be on the left or right?

Should the bicycle bell be on the left or right?

Have you ever wondered if your bicycle bell should be installed on the left or right side of your bike? As we’ve seen in our reviews of the best bicycle bell, some people negatively review a bell for bike if it’s not easy to use in an ambidextrous way.

Whether you’re left- or right-handed, though, it’s important to bear in mind that bike bells generally get installed on the left side of the handlebars. This is done for a specific reason: it keeps you safe! This is because it enables you to comfortably use your gear shifter without the bell getting in your way.

This is something to bear in mind when installing your bike bell. However, if you want to install it on the right because you find it’s more comfortable or within easier reach of you while you’re cycling, just make sure that you try it out before taking it out on the road.

The bike bell should be easy to use without you compromising the control of your bike. You also need to be sure that the handlebar of your bike won’t slip from your hands when you’re using the bell. 

Is a bell necessary on a bicycle?

You should definitely have a bell fitted on your bicycle. This is because it keeps you safe as well as the people around you.

If you’re riding on a narrow road or you have to make a sharp turn, for instance, it’s essential to have a bicycle bell on board to be sure that you can alert adults, kids, and other cyclists in your environment so that they don’t find themselves in your path.

In this way, a bicycle bell can help you to prevent accidents from occurring. Think of it as a responsible way to stay safe and protect others.

While you might think you can just use your voice instead to alert other people of your arrival, this isn’t always possible. Your voice will sometimes not be loud enough to get you heard, like if you’re in traffic or you find yourself in a heavy downpour of rain.

A bicycle bell can ensure you get heard from 20 or more feet away, which makes using it easier and more effective when you need to get other people’s attention. Using a bike bell instead of your voice will also ensure that your cycling session can be more comfortable as you won’t have to strain yourself to call out to people.

If you still don’t think it’s necessary to purchase a bike bell, the law where you live might force you to. It’s important to note that depending on where you live, you might be legally required to have a bicycle bell fitted.

These U.S. states include New York, New Jersey, Georgia, South Carolina, and Indiana. Although other states don’t require you to install a bicycle bell, you should always check the rules in your local area because these can sometimes vary.

Is it rude to use a bike bell?

Is it rude to use a bike bell?

There have been some online forums and articles debating whether or not using a bike bell is rude to people and fellow cyclists on your path. Let’s be honest: a bike bell can be loud and shrill! It can take you by surprise and give you a fright.

That said, car hooters can also be seen as rude to use but that doesn’t mean cars shouldn’t have them installed. The key is to know when to use your bike bell and to follow some important etiquette so that you don’t become a nuisance on the road.

With this in mind, you should only use your bicycle bell when it’s required. Unless it’s an emergency, you should avoid ringing your bell too close to people as this can scare them. If you want to notify them of your approach, give them a bit of a heads-up by using your bell from a distance instead of ringing it right in their ears.

That said, try not to ring your bicycle bell from too far away, as this can prevent people from hearing your approach, especially if it’s windy or particularly noisy outside.

When using your bicycle bell, make sure that you don’t ring it too much. While ringing it just once can make you fail to get heard, especially if there’s noise around you, you don’t want to ring it too much. Ringing it twice is a solid way to get heard, especially if you’re approaching other cyclists from behind.

That said, if you’re in rush-hour traffic, ringing the bell four times from a distance can help you to get heard and stay safe, so it’s good to use these rules as a general guide to make the bike bell achieve its intended purpose without upsetting anyone.

When should I ring my bike bell?

You know that you should use your bicycle bell when you’re approaching people and you want them to be aware that you’re on their path. But, you should also use your bell to alert other cyclists on the road when you want to overtake them.

This will prevent them from getting a fright or moving into your path, which can result in accidents. 


If you use your bike regularly, you should invest in a bike bell. This will keep you safe and ensure the safety of other people and cyclists in your surroundings. In this guide, we’ve featured some of the best bicycle bells in the market, looking at their pros and cons so you can choose the one that works most effectively.

In our FAQ section, we’ve also looked at some important information you should know about bicycle bells, such as how and when to use your bicycle bell and why it’s an essential cycling accessory to own. 


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