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Haro Thread One Bike 2021


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Haro Thread Two Bike 2021


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Elite BMX Destro 20” - Gray Red


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MICARGI Dragon 20” BMX Bike

BMX bikes (bicycle motocross) are one of the most popular bike categories for children and teenagers.

There are three types of BMX bikes, and each type provides specific features and benefits. Generally, BMXs are excellent for off-road riding, dirt tracks, and skatepark tricks and maneuvers.

BMX bikes are smaller than traditional bikes and mountain bikes, and they do not offer the same level of protection or speed. However, BMX bikes can allow you to perform stunts that would be impossible by using other bike models.

In today’s guide, we’ll look at the best BMX bikes for adults and kids, from their benefits to each model’s disadvantages. Additionally, we’ll share everything you need to know about this bike category and why it is so popular.

Best Overall: Haro Thread One Bike 2021

Haro Thread One Bike 2021

Featured Specs

  • Weight: Around 26 lbs (11.8kg)
  • Size: One size
  • Tire Size: 20 inches (50.8cm)


This is one of the best options if you love jumping and performing maneuvers in skateparks or off-road.

Haro’s Thread One Bike is, without a doubt, one of the best BMX bikes for adults and beginners. It offers excellent durability, unmatched maneuverability, safety, speed, and quality.

This BMX bike is robust and solid and can withstand intense riding and jumping. It comes with a single-speed drivetrain that offers an unchallenging ride.

Additionally, its Tektro Auriga HD-M275 hydraulic brakes will let you relax because you won’t have to worry about braking even when riding at high speeds.

Haro Thread One Bike is made of the highest-quality materials. Every part of this bike has been tested to ensure you receive the most durable product possible. This bike is a state-of-the-art option and will provide you with all you need for high-performance riding.


There aren’t any main drawbacks to this BMX bike. Just make sure that it is the right size for you. If not, you’ll have a hard time riding it.

Extra Features 

Haro Thread One Bike’s handlebar is made of pivot aluminum 30mm rise, one of the most sturdy frame materials worldwide. With this handlebar, you’ll be able to ride as intensely as you want without worrying about the integrity of your bike.

Buying Advice

This BMX is the right one for you if you are looking for a jumping BMX model capable of withstanding intense rides.

Runner-Up: Haro Thread Two Bike 2021

Haro Thread Two Bike 2021

Featured Specs

  • Weight: 26 lbs (11.8kg)
  • Size: One size
  • Tire Size: 20 inches (50.8cm)


This is the type of bike you need if you love to spend more time in the air than on the ground.

Haro’s Threat Two Bike is the newest dirt bike model for all adrenaline-seekers and BMX experts. With this bike, you’ll be able to outperform yourself and manage to do the highest jumps possible.

The high-end frame provides durability and resistance, even during the most intense rides. Every part of this bike has been meticulously made with the highest-quality materials, and it will give you safety, maneuverability, and performance.

Its X6 aluminum frame is light but resistant. The single-speed drivetrain is easy to use even if you are a beginner. Haro’s Thread is one of the best BMX bikes for adults you’ll find on the market.

The pump comes with a long steel barrel and a large handle that makes pumping a lot easier. Its pressure gauge can read up to 160 PSI, and the pump itself is highly portable, making it your best ally for the road.


This model’s main drawback is that it is a BMX dirt bike that won’t work well over surfaces like pavement.

Extra Features 

Haro’s Thread Two Bike includes TRP HY/RD cable hydraulic disc brakes that will allow you to stop even when riding at high speeds. Additionally, this model’s frame is made of the highest-quality aluminum, giving you the best jumping power.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a jumping dirt bike, Haro’s Thread is the right choice for you. It offers excellent benefits for experienced cyclists and beginners.

Winner: Elite BMX Destro 20” – Gray Red

Elite BMX Destro 20

Featured Specs

  • Weight: 26.2 lbs (11.9kg)
  • Size: 56 inches (142.2cm)
  • Tire Size: 20.5” (52.1cm)


Elite’s new Destro BMX bike is an excellent mid-level option for your kids and teenagers.

Like all Elite bikes, this new model can work perfectly over many terrains like pavement, dirt, and grass.

It offers a hi-tensile steel fork and a frame, making it a durable and resistant option among mid-level entry bikes. Additionally, the stem, bars, and cranks are made of the highest-quality materials, including steel and alloy.

The pedals are made of a high-density plastic platform, giving you the best endurance and maneuverability.

Elite’s Destro BMX is undoubtedly one of the best BMX bikes with a 20” frame that you’ll be able to find on the market.


This Elite Destro model’s main drawback is that it is a mid-level bike, meaning that it won’t be the best option for beginner-level kids or more experienced riders. So, if you are looking for something from the extremes, try other brands or models.

Extra Features 

The Destro BMX from Elite will not offer you any extra features. Still, its benefits are enough to make it an excellent choice. 

Buying Advice

If you are getting this bike for a kid or teen, ensure they are above beginner’s level before buying.

Runner-Up: Elite Stealth Freestyle BMX Bike 20”

Elite Stealth Freestyle BMX Bike 20

Featured Specs

  • Weight: 29.2 lbs (11.9kg)
  • Size: 56 inches (142.2cm)
  • Tire Size: 20” (50.8cm)


Elite’s Stealth Freestyle is an excellent entry-level bike for kids under 14. It works perfectly on streets, over dirt, and in skateparks.

The Stealth BMX provides a high-tensed frame with a 1” standard head-tube, making it an extremely durable option among kids’ BMX bikes.

Additionally, the bike also includes an alloy top load stem, a Cromology 1 piece crank with unsealed American BB, and a 25-9 gearing and low profile 06061 rims wrapped in street 2.5” tires.

Yes, it includes a lot for just an entry-level bike, and it will be the perfect gift for kids that enjoy adventures and adrenaline.

If you are looking for one of the best BMX bikes for beginners and kids, you should consider this model. Elite’s Stealth BMX offers all the right features for your kids to enjoy their first BMX experience.


The main drawback of this bike is that its brakes are not one hundred percent tightened, and, therefore, they can fail when riding at high speeds.

Extra Features 

Elite’s Stealth Freestyle BMX bike is an excellent entry-level option that offers the highest-quality features. Still, sadly, it doesn’t provide any extra features. 

Buying Advice

This BMX bike is an excellent option for kids starting with freestyle biking and maneuvers in skateparks.

Alternative: MICARGI Dragon 20” BMX Bike

MICARGI Dragon 20” BMX Bike

Featured Specs

  • Weight: 30 lbs (13.6kg)
  • Size: 56 inches (142.2cm)
  • Tire Size: 20” (50.8cm)


This bike’s main benefit is its cool design for children.

Therefore, if you are looking to use this as a gift for your kids, it could be the right choice. BMX bikes for kids are usually the same size as BMX bikes for adults because they both use the same frames, so what you’ll be getting with MICARGI is BMX explicitly made for kids.

It is the perfect bike to transition your kids from a training bike to an adult one. One of its advantages is its low tube that allows kids to get on and off without making it a challenge. The brakes will keep your kids safe because all they need is to pedal backward.

Additionally, the “S” frame makes it a lot safer and capable of withstanding constant use and different speeds. It is, without a doubt, one of the best BMX bikes for kids of all ages.


This option’s main drawback is that it is not as sturdy and durable as the BMX models for adults and teenagers. You’ll need to be extra careful with the handlebars as they tend not to stay tight for long.

Additionally, the bike can be too small if you try to give it to a teenager or a kid above the average height.

Extra Features 

The MICARGI Dragon doesn’t offer any extra features. Still, it does provide a steel CP stem that can withstand time and corrosion.

Buying Advice

The best thing to do when buying a bike for kids is to get a helmet to protect them. Additionally, if your kids are too tall or you have a teenager, you should consider looking for adult BMX models.



What Is a BMX Bike?

BMX bikes are one of the most popular bike categories in the world.

They are extremely popular with kids and teenagers, but it doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy them. When talking about BMX bikes, you need to know that there are three different types, and each type is better for a certain kind of riding.


This is the type of BMX that started it all in the sixties. This type of BMX bike is a copy of a motocross motorcycle designed for racing, jumping, and going over dirt.

Nowadays, BMX models are used for racing but are also popular at skateparks, where kids use them to perform extreme maneuvers.

Within this type of BMX bike, you can find four different variations. Each variation works better for a particular age, size, and level of cyclist. The variations are Mini, Junior, Expert, and Pro.

The Mini is the right choice for kids under six, while the Junior is excellent for kids from six to nine.

Expert and Pro are the best options for anyone older than twelve and over 160 cm (5ft2).


Freestyle BMX bikes are the best choice when it comes to flatland tricks like the ones you’ll see in skateparks. This type of BMX bike is better for commuting than the original model, but you shouldn’t use it for long distances.

This type of BMX bike is more durable and highly sturdy because of its frame, and its wheels are designed to endure jumps and falls. Additionally, the bikes also come with front and rear brakes, which is a feature other BMX bikes lack.


This type is a combination of a BMX and a Freestyle bike, and it provides the right features to jump over the muddiest surfaces.

This variety of BMX bike comes with brakes on the rear but not on the front, and it is because it needs the maneuverability to perform the most challenging jumps.

What Age Is a 20 Inch BMX Bike For?

Kid on BMX

20” BMX Bikes

In the world of BMX, there are different wheel options for you: 16”, 18”, 20”, and 24”.

However, the most common size for BMX bikes is 20” because it amounts to around 97% of the bikes’ sales. So, when someone is talking about a BMX bike, they are probably referring to a 20” BMX bike.

Both children and adults can ride this bike. Still, it is recommended not to let children under seven practice with an adult-size BMX bike.

20” Bike Wheels for Kids

A 20 inch BMX bike works perfectly for kids under the age of ten, especially for those between six and eight years old. This type of bike is for kids that can ride without any stabilizer wheels.

Manufactures produce two types of wheel bikes for kids: 20” and 24”. Each of these types of bike wheels can come with two different frames. 20-inch bike wheels usually come at either 11” or 13” frames. On the other hand, 24-inch bike wheels come with 12” or 14” frames.

If your kid is at the age for a 20” bike, but he is below the average height, get him the 11” frame option. It is easier to maneuver, and it is a lot safer than a bike too big to handle.

Do Adults Ride BMX Bikes?

BMX bikes are not just for kids. Many of the professionals you’ll see are around 20 to 30 years old. Adult-sized BMX is for people from 160 cm (5ft2) to more, meaning that adults of any age and size can ride them without a problem.

When it comes to adult BMX bikes, you’ll find wheels from 20” to 26”.

All you need as an adult to ride a BMX bike is the right size. So, ensure your bike has suitable dimensions and hit the road or the park.

Why Are BMX Seats So Low?

Low BMX Seat

BMX bikes have the saddles and seats so low because it allows more space for movement.

With more movement, you can perform more tricks and jumps, which is the reason why you’ll see riders in skateparks with the seats almost on the ground.

So, it is all about functionality. The lower the seats, saddles, and frames, the more tricks a rider can perform.

Can You Ride BMX Long Distances?

The sad truth is that BMX bikes were designed for off-road and short-distance riding. These bikes are made for stunts, and therefore, they won’t be of much help for long-distance riding or commuting.

The main drawback of these bikes when it comes to long-distance riding is that the seats, frames, and saddles are too low. As you know, when riding a bike, you need to extend your legs to their fullest to control the speed.

Without the possibility of spreading your legs, you’ll need to pedal faster, meaning you’ll get exhausted a lot easier.

You’ll usually only see BMX riders on their seats for a couple of minutes each biking session. Having the seats so low can be uncomfortable, which plays against you when riding a BMX for long-distance.

The Disadvantages of BMX BIkes

There are many advantages to riding a BMX bike, but there are also disadvantages to it. One of the main disadvantages of riding a BMX bike happens when trying to go uphill. Uphill riding is challenging by itself, but using a BMX bike makes it a lot more complicated. 

The reason for this is because of two aspects of BMX bikes. The first one is that they are smaller than mountain bikes or the most traditional models. To pedal, you’ll need to stand up and go without stopping.

Another reason is that BMX bikes do not possess the best type of brakes, making uphill riding a lot more dangerous. Brakes in BMX bikes are designed to allow you to perform the tricks and stunts, and adding cables to it would make it impossible.

That’s why most BMX bike brakes work by placing your foot over the rear wheel.

Understanding BMX Racing

BMX Racing

In the competitive world, there are two types of BMX racing.

The first one is BMX racing, and it is motocross racing with a bike. The second one is Freestyle racing, and this one is not exactly a race. Freestyling is more of a competition about tricks, and jumps, and stunts.

BMX Racing

BMX biking or motocross biking is one of the most popular competitive biking styles worldwide. Furthermore, anyone from five to sixty-five can compete in BMX racing competitions worldwide. It is a family orientated type of extreme sport.

Races are organized by dividing the riders by age groups and skill levels. By doing this, everyone can participate in a fair and clean competition that will challenge the body to its fullest potential. 

In BMX races, the riders will go through dirt tracks filled with rollers, jumps, and turns, using their skill to finish first. You won’t see any riders sitting on their bikes throughout the races.

This is mainly because BMX seats are uncomfortable, but also because it requires all their effort and focus on keeping the speed constant.

All riders must use the necessary protection, including a full-face helmet, goggles and gloves, and padded pants in case of a crash. Additionally, riders also wear long sleeve shirts meant to protect the skin of their arms.

All of this gear is mandatory if you want to be part of the race.

BMX racing requires a lot of power and endurance in both legs and arms. That’s the reason many riders train their bodies for hours to achieve the physique they need. Arm strength is essential to keep the bike steady while riding or jumping.

The race starts with a group stage where many riders compete until they get to the final round. Only eight riders will manage to be part of the final race, and from them, just the one that crosses the line first will win.

Today, BMX racing is part of the Olympic Games, and it’s been part of them since its debut in 2008 at the Beijing Games. This inclusion helped the sport spread worldwide.


BMX Freestyle

Freestyle competitions are a bit more similar to skateboard competitions than bike races.

Essentially, riders will perform tricks and stunts for around two minutes, and after the race, judges will grade them. The judges give a grade by the difficulty, the riding style, and originality.

Riders execute their tricks and stunts through a circuit of ramps, walls, box jumps, and spins through the entirety of the park. As of 2017, some international competitions and festivals include street biking and BMX freestyle.

These competitions are significant in the community, as they can help cyclists qualify for the Olympic games.


BMX bikes are a trend that started long ago and never faded. Today you’ll see kids, teens, and adults riding these small bikes in parks and off-road tracks. They might not be comfortable, but they are excellent at what they do.

With a BMX bike, you can perform the most incredible tricks and stunts.

If you are looking for the best BMX bike for adults, look no further than Haro’s Thread One Bike. This new model by Haro provides all the necessary features to outperform yourself. It is durable, highly resistant, and offers safety and quality.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a kid’s BMX option, you should consider Elite’s BMX Destro 20” – Gray Red. This model offers protection and durability, two essential features all child’s bikes should have.


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