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Best Winter Cycling Shoes 1


Fizik R5 Artica Shoe


Best Winter Cycling Shoes 2

ROCKBROS Cycling Shoe


Best Winter Cycling Shoes 3

Tommaso Veloce 100 Triathlon Road Cycling Shoe


Best Winter Cycling Shoes 4

FENLERN Cycling Shoes for Men


Best Winter Cycling Shoes 5

BNV Men’s Cycling Shoes

If you are an avid cycler, you may have heard of cycling shoes before. 

Just like it sounds, cycling shoes are shoes that are designed for the sole purpose of cycling. Many avid cyclists have at least one pair of these shoes since they have a few benefits. 

Cycling shoes have stiff bottoms to help increase efficiency and smoothness. The bottoms allow you to clip into your bike pedals so you can work your hamstrings as well as your quadriceps. 

Since these shoes allow you to use more muscle, cycling becomes less tiresome and increases muscle balance. These shoes allow you to cycle for longer while expending less energy.

While most people cycle in the summer months, some avid cyclists continue in the winter months. Luckily, there are shoes for that. 

Winter cycling shoes will do everything we mentioned above as well as keep your feet warm. If you are not sure where to start and are looking for winter cycling shoes reviews, you have come to the right place. 

This guide will cover the best winter cycling shoes for 2021. We will discuss the featured specs, benefits, drawbacks and extra features of each product. 

Let’s get started.

Best Overall: Fizik R5 Artica Shoe

Fizik R5 Artica Shoe Review

Featured Specs

  • Material: Microtel reinforced shell 
  • Sole Material: Fizik cycling insole (Fleece upper and aluminium foil underside)
  • Colour: Black


  • Has an internal lace system so that the shoe will fit accurately to the shape of your foot. 
  • Breathable material to allow for airflow while cycling.
  • Has a winter edition of the shoe sole, which features a fleece upper and an aluminium foil underside that will insolate your foot. 
  • The outsole is both light and sturdy so that it can increase power transfer.
  • Has a waterproof outer shell and zipper to prevent snow and water from getting into the shoe.


  • The shoe may fit a bit tight. 
  • You will have to wear warm socks with them to increase warmth. 
  • Since these shoes are waterproof and tight, they do not air out sweat well. 

Extra Features

The Fizik R5 Artica Shoe is one of the best winter cycling shoes. Due to its waterproof Microtel reinforced shell, you can bike in the wettest conditions and not worry about getting damp. The waterproof zipper will also guarantee a dry ride.

Even though it is one of the warmest winter cycling shoes, it is still lightweight. You won’t be distracted by how heavy the shoe is. Furthermore, its fleece upper will also provide extra warmth during cold winter mornings. 

One of the best features of the shoe is its speed lacing system. This system allows you to lace the shoe up quickly. Even though it is a fast system, it still provides a tight fit. There is also room in the shoe to wear warm wool socks if you need to. 

Buying Advice

The Fizik R5 Artica Shoe is some of the best winter road cycling shoes. If you are looking for a shoe that provides a lot of warmth but can also fit nice and snug to your foot, this will be the product for you. 

However, something to keep in mind about this shoe is that you will need to wear wool socks with them during extra cold days. Even though they are warm, they will not insulate the foot enough for temperatures under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Before you buy a pair of these cycling shoes, make sure to check the measurements if you are going to wear thick wool socks. These shoes fit tight, so you may not be able to wear extra thick socks without sizing up. 

Runner-Up: ROCKBROS Cycling Shoe 

ROCKBROS Cycling Shoe Review

Featured Specs

  • Material: SBR, Kevlar and elastic plastic
  • Sole material: Wear-resistant rubber
  • Colour: Black and green


  • The material provides protection from both wind and water.
  • Your feet will stay warm in the winter.
  • It is built with durable materials to decrease wear and tear. 
  • It is effortless to put the shoe on with its adjustable strap.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Cannot tighten the shoe with laces.
  • Velcro strap may be too short for wider feet.

Special Features

These ROCKBROS cycling shoes are some of the best winter cycling shoes for flat pedals. The SBR fabric on the outer shell protects from water and wind, which help to keep your toes warm even in the worst conditions. 

Furthermore, there is Kevlar fabric on the bottom of the shoe to promote durability. These shoes will last a long time. 

If you are someone who likes to slide on shoes and head out the door, this will be the product for you. This product has adjustable straps that you can quickly tighten. It only takes a few seconds to put the shoe on and properly fit it.

For those who cycle at night, these shoes come with a reflective logo on the toe warmers. This added feature will make sure that other traffic can see you even in low-light conditions.

One of the best features of this shoe is that it comes with two toe covers to put on your shoe. These covers will go on the outside of the shoe and will keep your toes warm during the winter months. 

Should I Buy This? 

Some of the best fat bike winter cycling shoes, these ROCKBROS will work well for anyone looking for a durable pair of shoes. 

While these shoes are great for winter riding, they will not suit cyclists who like to tighten their shoes with laces. This pair only comes with an adjustable strap, so you may have some issues trying to tighten it. 

On the other hand, the shoes are good for travelling with since they are so lightweight. Furthermore, cyclists who want some extra insulation for their toes will appreciate the design of this shoe. 

Alternative: Tommaso Veloce 100 Triathlon Road Cycling Shoe

Tommaso Veloce 100 Triathlon Road Cycling Shoe Review

Featured Specs

  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Sole material: Fiberglass reinforced sole
  • Colour: White or black

Main Benefits

  • It has a comfortable fit. 
  • The shoe is very breathable. 
  • It has a comfortable leather upper that will hug your foot.
  • You can use the shoe for triathlons.
  • It will dry your feet after swimming.
  • The shoe is very efficient and increases power transfer.

Any Drawbacks? 

  • The shoe is not meant for winter riding. 
  • You will need to wear wool socks to stay warm. 
  • The velcro straps may apply extra pressure to the top of your foot.

What Special Features Does It Have? 

The Tommaso Veloce 100 Triathalon Road Cycling Shoe is the best road winter cycling shoes. Many avid cyclists use this shoe for triathlon training. 

Since the shoe has a synthetic leather upper, it will be very comfortable to wear. Even so, the shoe also has an open tongue design with added mesh material to increase breathability. 

One of the main benefits of this shoe is that there is room to wear socks. You can keep your feet warm during the winter months with a pair of wool socks. 

The shoe has a fibreglass reinforced sole, meaning that the bottom of the shoe is stiff, which will promote power efficiency while peddling. 

Finally, you will also be able to install your own cleats on these shoes. You can attach a two-hole or three-hole cleat to the shoe. The Tommaso Veloce is compatible with SPD, Look Delta, Look Keo, Speedplay and Shimano SPD-SL cleats. 

Buying Advice

If you are looking strictly for a pair of the best winter cycling shoes, these may not be the shoes for you. While you can wear socks with them, these shoes are designed for triathlons and not winter riding. 

Even so, these are incredibly lightweight. If what you want is a pair of light shoes that you can slip on and off, this will be a good choice. Since the shoes have adjustable velcro straps, you won’t need to take the time out to tie them every time. 

Overall, this will be a good choice for those training for a triathlon during cold months. You can also use them for road or indoor cycling. Just make sure to keep a pair of wool socks with you. 

Alternative: FENLERN Cycling Shoes for Men

FENLERN Cycling Shoes for Men

Featured Specs

  • Material: Artificial leather
  • Sole material: Faux leather sole
  • Colour: Black white or black grey


  • The shoe is made of durable leather. 
  • It has a breathable upper. 
  • The flexible insole decreases the amount of compression on the arch of the foot.
  • The design promotes efficient peddling. 
  • The shoe provides a comfortable and tight fit. 


  • They are not designed for winter cycling. 
  • The shoe may be too breathable in the winter.

Extra Features

If you are looking for the best-specialized winter cycling shoes, this product may be for you. 

With its breathable leather material, you won’t experience any overheating. Furthermore, the leather is durable, so you won’t need to worry about replacing the shoes any time soon. 

These FENLERN cycling shoes also have an insole that is made of Ortholite material. This material promotes elasticity and also supports your foot to relieve pressure from the arch. 

You will also find that the shoe has a tough outsole. The durable material will not only promote effective peddling but is adaptable for walking as well. 

Even though the shoe has velcro straps, you can tighten it even more with the hook and loop buckle system. With this buckle design, you can have the best of both worlds; a quick yet tight fit. 

Finally, this shoe is ideal for several different riding styles, including training, commuting, road cycling, cross-country and long-distance cycling.

Why You Should Buy This

One of the best winter cycling shoes, the FENLERN cycling shoe provides a tight yet comfortable fit. 

If you are looking for a snug shoe with a lot of breathability, this will be a good choice for you. It also has an easy to use velcro system, which will work well for those who want to slip on their shoe quickly.

Keep in mind that you will need to wear warm wool socks with these shoes in the winter. Since the manufacturers did not design this shoe for winter, you will need to add extra insulation.

Alternative: BNV Men’s Cycling Shoes 

BNV Men’s Cycling Shoes Review

Featured Specs

  • Material: High-density synthetic nano and MD outsole
  • Sole material: Nylon sole
  • Colour: Blue, black, green, white, pink, red, graffiti 


  • It has a lightweight design. 
  • It is made with comfortable materials. 
  • The shoe will last a long time. 
  • The shoe has a rotating buckle design that is easy to use.
  • Modern-looking design. 
  • It comes in over five colours.


  • The shoes fit more on the narrow side, so they may not fit a wider foot well. 
  • It fits tight at first.

What Is Special About This Shoe? 

If you are looking for winter cycling shoes men, the BNV shoe will be a good option. One of the best winter cycling shoes, this product provides a tight yet comfortable fit. 

First of all, the shoe has a lightweight upper made of synthetic nanomaterial. This part of the shoe is very breathable and decreases moisture build-up. The outsole also allows the wearer to move easily and more efficiently. 

With its slip-resistant, durable sole, you won’t need to worry about losing traction on the peddles. Furthermore, this shoe will last a long time; it will take a lot to wear down even if you cycle every day. 

Something special about this shoe is that it is unisex. The shoe can fit several different shapes and sizes, and the design is both modern and stylish at the same time. 

You can install various cleats on this shoe. It is compatible with two and three-bolt systems. You can also use a few different peddle systems with the shoe, including SPD, SPD-SL and SPD-R. 

The best feature of this shoe is its rotating buckle system. Even though it uses velcros, you can still tighten it as much as you could with laces. 

Finally, the design of these waterproof winter cycling shoes promotes more efficient and safe riding. You will find that you can ride longer with less effort while wearing this shoe. 

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a stylish option, these are the best winter cycling spd shoes you will find. The shoe comes in over five colours and is unisex. 

These BNV shoes are not only comfortable but will provide insulation for your feet during the winter months. If you want to do some winter riding and feel comfortable at the same time, these will be the warmest winter cycling shoes you can buy. 

Those who love the tight fit that laces can offer will be satisfied with this shoe. With its rotating buckle design, you can tighten the shoe as much as you want. 

Winter Cycling Shoes FAQ 

What Shoes Should I Wear for Winter Cycling? 

what to wear for winter cycling

Cycling isn’t only a summer sport. Thousands of cyclists continue in the winter. However, depending on where you live, the climate can vastly change. If the temperature is low enough, your toes can become a prime victim of frostbite. So what shoes should you wear for winter cycling? 

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. However, ideally, you should wear winter cycling shoes for winter cycling. 

Winter cycling shoes are a kind of cycling shoe that manufacturers design specifically with winter weather in mind. These shoes will keep your feet warm and will have enough room to wear warm socks. The shell is also completely waterproof, which will prevent snow or water from seeping into the shoe. 

Most winter cycling shoes are also much more durable than standard cycling shoes. These shoes have to withstand harsher elements such as wind, snow, ice, water and cold temperatures. 

If you are someone who finds yourself often cold during the winter and struggling to keep your toes warm, then winter cycling shoes will be a good investment. 

However, perhaps you live in an area with mild winters. If this is the case, you can get away with standard cycling shoes and simply wear overshoes. Overshoes are protective coverings that are meant to protect both your shoe and foot. 

An overshoe will not provide as much warmth as winter cycling shoes, but they can add an extra layer of insulation and prevent mud, slush and snow from staining your shoes.

How Do Cyclists Keep Their Feet Warm in the Winter? 

There are a few different ways that cyclists keep their feet warm in the winter. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular methods. The best method for you will depend on what kind of climate you live in. 

Warm Socks

One of the main ways that cyclists keep their feet warm in winter is with warm socks. You can find a variety of different socks, including thick and thin socks or even waterproof socks. Some people will wear one pair of thick socks, while others will wear multiple layers of thin socks.

If you have already bought a pair of cycling shoes, you may not be able to fit a cozy pair of wool socks in them. If this is the case, try taking out the insoles to make more room.


overshoes for extra protection

Overshoes are an easy way to add an extra layer of insulation. You can get a few different types of overshoes, depending on what you need. 

Some overshoes are lightweight and are best for blocking wind. Others are more on the heavier side and are waterproof. 

If you don’t live in an area with harsh winters, overshoes will be a good option.

Toe Covers

If you want a quick and simple solution, you can always buy a pair of toe covers. Toe covers are similar to overshoes, but they only cover the toe portion of the shoe to give you an added layer of protection. 

Another quick fix is to put a piece of duct tape over the vents of the sole of your shoe. This will prevent cold air from entering your shoe. 

Does Wearing Two Pairs of Socks Keep Your Feet Warmer? 

how to keep feet warm

The answer to this question depends on a few things. Wearing two pairs of socks can keep your feet warmer. However, they can also make your feet colder.

If you are wearing two tight pairs of socks, this can cut off some circulation in your foot. Since there is less blood reaching your foot, you will be even more susceptible to frostbite. 

However, if you ensure that the socks are not too tight, you can benefit from wearing two pairs. It will keep your feet warmer, prevent blisters and give you some extra padding and protection.

Is It Better To Wear Thin or Thick Socks? 

Different kinds of socks are better for certain needs. If you have room in your shoe and want some added warmth, it is best to go with a thick sock. Thick socks will also help prevent blisters and give you some cushioning

However, if your shoe already fits perfectly, you may want to wear thin socks. While these may not have as many benefits as thick socks, it will inevitably feel more comfortable while exercising. 

If you are thinking of doubling up, try to wear two pairs of thin socks. It will be difficult to fit two pairs of thick socks in your cycling shoes (this would probably also feel uncomfortable). 


If you have been looking for the best winter cycling shoes, we hope that this guide has helped you find the right pair.

Winter cycling shoes will be the best option for those who live in regions with harsh winters. These shoes will keep your feet warm and withstand harsh elements such as ice, snow, wind and water. 

However, there are a few other ways that cyclists can keep their feet warm. You can wear overshoes, toe covers or warm socks. 

If you are looking for a solid pair of winter cycling shoes, Fizik R5 Artica Shoe is the winning pair. Rockbros Cycling Shoe, the runner up, will also be worth looking at. These shoes will provide a tight and comfortable fit and will also protect your toes from frostbite. 

Best Winter Cycling Shoes 6

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