Best Folding Mountain Bikes in 2021-Reviewed and Compared by Experts

best folding mountain bikes

A folding mountain bike is, of course, different from your typical mountain bike. It has different moving parts, which allows it to be folded up to a smaller, more portable size. There are definitely benefits in choosing a folding mountain bike, notably to transport to different locations, to store in your car or garage, and to be able to carry on your mountain biking trip.

If you have decided on a folding mountain bike, you see the advantages of an easily portable option, now let’s explore what makes a folding mountain bike the best.

Choosing the best folding mountain bike depends on a few different details. The bike frame and structure are important since you want a comfortable ride, but you also want one that will easily fold up since you chose a folding design. Then another aspect of a great folding mountain bike is the technical components that make a mountain bike do what you want it to do on off-roading trails.

After we review our top 7 choices, there will be a brief buyer’s guide to highlight these key details to look to choose your bike. Here are the best folding mountain bikes of 2021.

Top 7 Folding Mountain Bikes Reviewed

1. Montague Paratrooper PRO 27 Speed Folding Mountain Bike

Montague Paratrooper PRO 27 Speed Folding Mountain Bike

This Montague bike is convenient and reliable. As the name suggests, this bike is highly tactical and designed with quick changes in mind, for example, if you are a paratrooper.

The folding system is highly user-friendly and fast. Even though the bike frame itself is large and comfortable, you can fold it up in relatively no time at all. The bike comes in different sizes depending on the rider’s height, including an 18-inch and 20-inch bike frame. Both are easy to fold and make for the lightest folding bike and are made with the proper rider proportions.

This folding Montague bike is ideal for multi-day adventures, camping and mountain bike trips, and other off-roading adventures. The new multi-functional rack stand at the rear of the bike offers an excellent addition to this folding mountain bike. It can carry your belongings, be used as a flat working surface, and act as a mudguard and kickstand.

This bike is practical and very sturdy; it is simple to use but still carries the force of 27 speeds, making it ideal for navigating backcountry trails. This is the top reviewed folding mountain bike for many different reasons and one that you will not regret trying out.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy and quick folding mechanism
  • Water bottle holder and multipurpose back rack
  • Suspension lock system


  • The pedal does not fold in

2. Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike Full Suspension

Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike Full Suspension

This premium quality folding mountain bike is one of the best. It has a strong frame and unique, specialized tires for an altogether awesome riding experience.

The bike frame is made with aluminum and has a high suspension fork which will absorb the shock from extreme landings and make for a smoother and easier ride. The bike tires are made to support multiple different types of terrain. In addition, this bike is equipped with a 24-speed gear change to specifically navigate your off-roading trail.

This bike’s braking system has both a front and back, which will enable smooth riding and fast braking. This ensures that the rider is safe and that they have extra control throughout their riding journey. It has been designed to ride in all conditions, even mud, water, and sand.

This versatile mountain bike is one of the best for its intuitive design, high-tech tires, and expert braking system.


  • Excellent braking system
  • Lightweight frame
  • Excellent all-terrain tires


  • Wheels are heavy

3. Stowabike 26″ MTB V2

Stowabike 26 MTB V2

This bike has been tried and tested by many novice riders and reviewed as providing a smooth and easy ride. No matter what mountain terrain you may come across, this bike will guide you through it.

This folding mountain bike has dual suspension. Although it is not as high-tech as the other bikes on this list, it may be one of the most comfortable. The dual suspension has shock-absorbing mechanisms that reduce the movements from bumps and dips in the path. With its 18-speed gear system, this bike is capable of an easy ride through different terrains.

The bike is made with a high-quality steel frame, making it very durable to withstand off-road conditions. The bike folds up easily and quickly without the need for extra tools. This is an ideal choice for new or casual mountain bikers that will benefit from a folding and portable bike.


  • Easy to ride
  • Dual suspension for uneven ground


  • Slightly heavier folding bike

4. Kingttu EURG6 Mountain Bike

Kingttu EURG6 Mountain Bike

The Kingttu folding mountain bike is especially notable for its compact folding size. This bike will not take up too much space for storing or while carrying on your mountain bike trips.

The single hinge folding system on this mountain bike allows for an extremely compact fold. In addition, it is relatively cost-efficient, so it is an excellent choice for new riders or those looking for a cheaper option.

The heavy-duty frame is made from steel, so it is made for the outdoors and can hold up to anything that may come along with your off-road trip. The durable frame does make this bike slightly heavier than a regular bike but not too heavy to carry for short distances.

This carbon steel frame is made for shorter riders to be able to easily navigate the trails. This bike has wide textured tires to help with gripping to the ground and disk brakes that help navigate steep and ever-changing hilly trails.

This folding mountain bike is a simpler yet reliable choice that will not cost you too much money.


  • Extra compact
  • Durable frame
  • Cost-efficient


  • Heavier bike
  • No fenders included

5. Xspec 26″ 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike

21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike

This Xspec folding mountain bike was made for a variety of different riders. It allows an efficient and easy ride.

This bike comes in multiple colors, so you can choose which best suits your style. Also, the folding mechanism is quick and easy, which will save a lot of time on your mountain biking trip.

It is equipped with disc brakes, which help stop easily and quickly no matter what may come across your path. Also, with a 21-speed shifter, you can easily navigate the ups and downs of any trail without tiring out your legs.

With both front and rear suspension, this mountain bike has high-quality shock absorbers, so you will be comfortable throughout your bumpy ride. It also comes with a splash guard over both tires since you are bound to come across some dirt, mud, or dust on your back roading adventures.

The user-friendly folding mountain bike is perfect for any type of rider that is not afraid to tackle harsh and rough terrain.


  • Multiple color choice
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Splash guards


  • Heavier frame
  • Plastic pedals may break

6. Max4out Mountain Bike Folding Bikes

Max4out Mountain Bike Folding Bikes

Another folding mountain bike that made it to our best-of list is this Max4out mountain bike with a few extra valuable additions.

This bike has a durable high carbon steel frame and high-quality welding for an excellent stable ride. It has a quick-release folding mechanism with a user-friendly clamp and no additional tools needed.

It can be stored easily in the tight spaces of a car or garage and is quick to carry. Also, this bike has 26-inch tires and six spokes which lend to the bike’s speed and safety qualities. The tires are heavy-duty, yet the wheels are lightweight and stable.

This mountain bike was made to have fun on the mountain. It is perfect for multiple movements, different level terrain and can withstand hard drops. This bike can ride on the mountains and stand up on any trails, on the beach, and even through light snow. This bike can be used for all your riding needs; it is equally easy to transport and easy to ride.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comes with fenders on both tires
  • Great rear suspension


  • Plastic pedals could break

7. Eurobike Folding Bike TSM G7 Bicycle

Eurobike Folding Bike TSM G7 Bicycle

Eurobike’s G7 folding mountain bike is a 27.5-inch wheel mountain bike which is larger than a typical 26-inch folding bike. Its unique size offers a few notable differences from the rest of our list of the best folding mountain bikes.

The extra-large bike permits an even more fun mountain biking experience. The wheels are larger, making you ride higher than you normally would. The rider has a higher angle to navigate the route and jump down drop-offs more easily.

Large wheels also allow a smoother ride over rocks or sticks that you may come across on your adventure. Also, a bigger wheel has more surface area for more momentum and extra traction in rain or mud.

This bike’s larger build also makes it slightly bigger when it is folded. It may take up more room to store; however, the added riding benefits may make up for it depending on your use. The frame is made from steel and made to last a long time. It also has an excellent front fork suspension, so you can have more fun while riding; you will not feel the impact of all the bumps and divots.

An inexpensive, slightly larger folding mountain bike could provide a more fun and unique mountain biking experience; that is why it made it on the best folding mountain bikes list.


  • Larger wheels to navigate obstacles
  • Easy folding mechanism
  • Reasonable price


  • Larger to store

How to Identify an Excellent Folding Mountain Bike

The Bike Frame

The frame of any mountain bike makes up a large portion of how durable and sturdy a bike is, and it should be specially designed for the type of riding you want to do: mountain riding. You want a mountain bike with a front fork suspension on the frame, which will help in lessening the movements and friction on your front tires. This is especially important while traveling downhill.

You will also want to consider what material the bike frame is made from. Generally, folding mountain bikes will be made with either steel or aluminum, durable, and will remain strong even when it is cut to fold in half.

Often, a steel bike will be cheaper, but it will add some weight to the bike. Whereas an aluminum bike frame is ultra-lightweight while still very sturdy, an aluminum folding bike will likely be more expensive.

Folding the Bike

The folding mechanism on your mountain bike is important since this is the main component of what makes this design so special. You want the folding mechanics to be easy and not take too much time to do. If the bike has a large folding clamp and does not require extra tools or bits to fold and unfold, it will be simple.

Another thing to think about is how small the bike folds up. The exact folding method can be slightly different between folding mountain bikes and will result in a different completed folded size.

Depending on where you will be storing your bike or if you will be carrying your bike a lot, the smaller the folded size is usually better. But if you have a lot of space in your car or storage area, a slightly bigger folded size may not matter too much.

Wheels and Tires

The size of the wheels and the type of tire will make an immense difference to your mountain biking experience. Most folding mountain bikes come with a 26-inch wheel which is smaller than a traditional mountain bike wheel, which helps take up less space when the bike is folded. There are added benefits like a smoother ride if your mountain bike wheels are larger, and so a bigger wheel is not always a bad thing.

Braking System

The best type of brakes for a folding mountain bike is a dual disc brake style. Dual disk brakes are reliable and have an extreme force which is what you want while mountain biking. If you are biking downhill, you want high-power brakes; equally, if there is an obstacle you want to avoid, you will want a reliable and strong brake.

Bike Suspension

A key feature on any mountain bike is the bike’s suspension system. There is often a suspension system in the front fork of the frame, which definitely helps create a smooth ride even over bumps. Also, a spring-loaded rear shock-absorbing system helps the ride be less jerky on the rough trails. If you are going to be navigating harsh trails, then a bike suspension is important; however, the extra suspension is not needed on gravel or dirt paths.

Finding the Best Folding Mountain Bikes

In conclusion, a folding mountain bike is an ideal choice for long trips and transportation. The best mountain bike should not fail to do everything a mountain bike needs to adventure through the off-road trails.

These top-reviewed folding mountain bikes offer excellent frame structure and design with easy-to-use folding mechanisms that are quick and simple. They are durable and will withstand the unpredictable changes on your mountain biking route.

With slightly different details, these folding bicycle options all have major benefits when looking for the best folding mountain bike in 2021.


Are folding mountain bikes a good choice for mountain biking?

Yes, a folding mountain bike is still made for riding on the mountain trails. Equally, a folding mountain bike is easy to use on the roads for commutes where you may need to carry or store your bike. A folding bike is convenient but still a great option to have an enjoyable mountain bike ride.

Are folding mountain bikes just as good as regular mountain bikes?

A great folding mountain bike is still designed to do everything a normal mountain bike would do. They often have smaller wheels and a frame that can fold; however, the overall quality should remain fairly equal.

If the folding quality of these bikes will greatly benefit the type of riding you want to do, then there is no reason not to go for it. Unless you are a professional or need a specialized bike, a folding mountain bike should be just as effective on mountain biking trails.

Are folding mountain bikes well suited for beginner riders?

A foldable mountain bike is generally great for either novice or experienced riders. They may even be easier to use since you can carry them and transport them with ease. The smaller wheels may be a little harder to get used to but should be a great fit for anyone who is up for trying out mountain bike riding.

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