Best Bicycle Brands of 2023

20 Best Bike Brand Comparison - Best Bicycle Brands Of 2020

There are many factors that you have to consider that will help you assess the best bicycle brands in the world.

You need to consider the consistency of quality, innovation, price, and more! A rising trend can be seen in bike usage since more and more people are buying a bicycle as a cheap and healthy way to get around.

Here are the best bicycle brands of 2023 that are producing amazing bicycles for you to invest in.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the bike brands, we got you covered:

Bike Brands

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1. Giant


Giant bicycles are known for their hybrid, mountain, and road models. The company was founded in Taiwan in 1972 and worked on their first bike model for 9 years.

They are known for improving on existing market trends in an ingenious way. Giant developed a computer-aided innovative design for their carbon frames, incorporating Maestro suspension that revolutionized the bikes’ off-road capabilities.

2. Diamondback


Diamondback is famous for mountain, BMX, hybrid, and road bikes. It was founded in California in 1977 as a BMX company but has developed into one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in Washington.

It has many different models suited for roads or trails for children and adults. They are known for pioneering the Knuckle Box suspension for mountain bikes, which has resulted in greater control.

3. Trek Bikes

Trek Bikes

Trek Bikes are, you guessed it, best for the mountains and the roads. They launched in 1973 with a focus on building high to mid-end bikes in America.

They have formed a reputation for their work ethic, craftsmanship, and quality. By the 1990s, the bicycle brand has started developing bikes for everyone, from professional athletes to children.

4. Specialized


Specialized is known for their road bikes. They launched in 1974 in California and initially imported Italian parts before moving on to make their own. They have quickly made a name in the cycling world, releasing better designs than ever.

5. Kestrel


Kestrel is known for their road bikes and was formed by Aerospace engineers and Trek employees. They are known for their forward-thinking and cutting-edge designs that set them apart from the competition.

Their goal is always to develop lighter and faster bikes with better handling for athletes.

They were the pioneers of carbon-fiber designs, released in 1987. The Kestrel 4000 was an aerodynamic wonder that was followed by full-carbon forks, tube-less, and 3D model designs.

6. Pure Fix Bikes

Pure Fix Bikes

Pure Fix bikes are known for their fixed gear bikes (no surprises there!). It was founded in 2014 in a dorm room by Jordan, Michael, and Austin. They realized that the bike racks of their campus were always empty and began to ask around why students didn’t use bikes.

People simply wanted bikes that were simple, affordable, and looked great. Pure Fix Cycles rose from there, securing the number 6 spot on our list of best bicycle brands.

7. Salsa Bikes

Salsa Bikes

Salsa Bikes are known for adding the spice of life to touring and mountain settings.

The company was founded in 1982 and is known as the premier mountain bike producer of the world. They want to inspire people to go on adventures on bikes and sponsor hundreds of avid riders around the world.

They are also not running behind when it comes to road bikes. They were the first ones to introduce the impressive carbon fat tire.

8. Bianchi


Bianchi was launched in Milan, Italy, 125 years ago, making them one of the oldest bike manufacturers in the world.

The company is known as the Father of the Safety Bicycle as well as for their design of the first modern look at the bike. They have always stayed ahead of the curve, innovating the first BMX and mountain bikes too.

9. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is known for doing one thing and doing it really well. They only manufacture bikes for top-end bikers that require a special bicycle for their needs.

They have a rotating line of amazing mountain bikes that are made from carbon fiber and aluminum. They don’t produce any type of bike other than the mountain models.

10. 6KU


6KU is best known for its Fixie style of bicycles. It was designed with simplicity at the front of the mind.

It doesn’t have multiple gears like most bikes, rather just one which allows you to move forward or backward. They create high-quality bikes that come at affordable prices, perfect for people who want to bike around their neighborhoods.

11. Vilano Bikes

Vilano Bikes

Vilano Bikes was launched in Florida and is known for their cool designs.

The bikes are often designed with sleek frames, splashes of color, and artistic designs. The brand focuses on aesthetics and does quite well in this department. If you want t a cool-looking bike, Vilano is definitely the bicycle brand for you.

12. Critical Bikes

Critical Bikes

Critical bikes are known for making the best Fixie bicycles in the market but also have a line of casual biking models that you can turn to for your everyday needs.

They strive to eliminate the obstacles to adventure by encouraging their innovators to stick to an ethical business strategy. They aim to share the appreciation they have for fresh air with bike lovers like you.

13. Sixthreezero


Sixthreezero is known for designing bikes that are affordable, comfortable, reliable, and durable. They even allow their users to test the bike for an entire year after purchasing it, proud to stand behind their designs 100%.

They accept returns if the customer doesn’t like their bike in the first year, even going as far as to pay for the return shipping and not charging for restocking fees either.

14. Fuji


Fuji has been developing bicycles for a century now, with a continued focus on being an innovator in the field of biking.

They developed a beloved range of touring bikes in the 1980s and were the first manufacturers to design titanium frames for long-term use and durability.

15. Magnum Bikes

Magnum Bikes

Magnum Bikes launched in 2010, revolutionizing the industry of electric bikes in one go. They focus on creating high-quality designs and innovative tech that create a luxe aesthetic.

They are renowned around the world for their e-bikes and are becoming the most popular among electric bike lovers.

They make each component of the bicycle from scratch alongside a design team that has conceptualized every small part from molds to circuit boards for maximum efficiency. Their high standards make them a top brand that meets the promise of high quality with every new model.

16. Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose Bikes are best for BMX bikes. The company was founded in a garage in Southern California in 1974. It has always focused on innovating performance bikes, staying aggressively ahead of all competition.

They have continued to push limits of biking with innovations in handlebar configurations and sturdy frames. Mongoose bikes allow riders creativity and great control.

17. Giordano


Giordano bicycles are inspired by Italy’s rich history of cycling. The products combine the latest, modern technologies with Italian tradition, creating a wonderful combination of bicycles.

They have always created bicycle designs that are dedicated to bikers who are enthusiastic about bicycles. The company also has strict safety checks, making their bikes perfect for the whole family.

18. Montague Bikes

Montague Bikes

Montague Bikes are known for their exemplary folding bikes. It is based in Massachusetts and was founded by a graduate student of MIT who focused on save-saving technology that could result in convenience but did not compromise on performance.

The company has always worked to evolve bicycle technology to new areas. Their integrated folding technology has been lauded by bike enthusiasts all over the world.



BEIOU is based on China and is new to America. They are known for their hybrid, road, and mountain models. It originated as a carbon manufacturing and compost industry that took that expertise and turned towards bikes.

If you need a light-weight bicycle, BEIOU is the best for carbon forks, structures, and frames.

They are a world leader in replacing aluminum and steel frames with innovative carbon. Since manufacturing is so cost-effective, you will be able to get an affordable model with any issue.

20. Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn has been a leader in bikes since 1895, making them a household name.

They offer countless bicycle solutions that come at affordable prices for all sorts of fitness riders. Their signature items are available in some select retail stores, while the branded items can be found at any large retailer.


Bicycles are the vehicle of the future since they are eco-friendly, affordable, and healthy for you.

Many students, moms, children, athletes, and more are turning towards the cycle as a way to boost their health and aid in daily movement. Any of the bicycle brands above will be a great choice for you!

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