Bicycle Jobs: 9 Ways Bicycles Can Make You Money

9 Ways How Bicycles Can Make You Money

When it comes to making the most of our bicycles, we need to face the fact that most of us are never going to indulge in professional biking.

While bicycle commute is a cost-effective and health-promoting way of getting to and from work in an affordable, fun fashion, it doesn’t actually pay your bills, it only reduces them.

But what if bicycling wasn’t just a way of getting to work? What if it was the work?

With an abundance of bicycle jobs available today, there are several ways you can earn money riding a bicycle.

With the practice of bicycling on the rise in many countries around the world, more and more locations are becoming dedicated to the installation of safe and secure infrastructure for bikers.

This enables bicycle owners to avail of new opportunities, and pursue profitable careers in the world of bicycle manufacturing, sales, maintenance, and other related fields.

If you are looking to generate major income using bicycles or the knowledge you have about them, our guide to 9 ways how bicycles can make you money will help you get one step closer to your business goals. So let’s get started right away!


9 Ways You Can Earn Money Riding a Bicycle

Bicycle Brokerage


There are many bicycle owners out there who desire to sell their bicycles at a decent price. There are also many potential customers who are looking to buy the same.

By pursuing bicycle brokerage, you can earn a specific percentage of the cost of the bicycles being traded. Your sole responsibility would be to introduce the buyers to the sellers.

As with every other bicycle job on your list, it is best that you collect all relevant information regarding bicycle brokerage before getting into it.

For this particular job, it is essential to get photographs and a complete technical description of the item being sold along with signatures from all the parties involved and the necessary documents stating that you don’t hold any responsibility for the actions of the seller or the buyer.

Teach Bicycle Safety


Teaching bicycle safety requires the teacher to have all the know-how about bicycles and be comfortable in front of cycling enthusiasts.

While safety measures are often taught to people for free, you can always opt for creative ways such as putting on a funny play for people.

Try to create an outstanding demo tape first. This will help you get hired by various organizations and also get national exposure.

Give people the lesson of their lives by incorporating entertainment and necessary safety teachings together, and portraying it in front of interested individuals in the best possible manner.

Retail Bicycle Store


If the recent world conditions have taught us anything, it is that having a backup business, especially that you can run while being in the comfort of your home is essential.

A home-based retail bicycle store is a good way to make money without having to worry about covering major overheads.

In order to implement this idea, it is important that you have a good sense of business and all the general, bicycle-related knowledge required to run one.

Once you are successful at establishing a home-based bicycle retail store, you can slowly work on expanding the business and owning a chain of brick-and-mortar stores around the world. The possibilities are endless!

Antique Bicycles


Antique bicycles are not only becoming more popular day by day but they are also quite pricey. If you have a keen interest in vintage bicycles, with a wide market for services available, this idea might just be the best one for you!

Your job will be to gather antique bicycles (mostly collectibles) and sell them at a high but fair price.

Remember that finding customers who are willing to pay for your offerings is a challenge in itself; therefore, it is best to try to purchase products for a tenth of what you think the bicycles will sell for.

In order to generate high profits, you can also take your antique-bicycle business one step ahead by setting up a shop at a popular flea market or consign them to bike shops or antique dealers.

Tour Leader


If you still haven’t found an idea that allows you to have fun while you earn money with a bicycle then the wait is finally over! Being a bike tour leader enables you to go on a vacation and get paid for it!

Millions of people desire to go on long cycling tours. However, most of these individuals don’t have someone to join them or they want expert guidance – preferably from a professional who can help them make the most of their biking trips while being comfortable and safe. And that is where you come in!

While it is important to be adventurous to please your customers, remember to be responsible in your practices as a tour leader.

Learn skills to command bicyclers in recreational situations to protect their safety and get proper training before advertising yourself in the market as a professional tour leader.

Painting Bikes


When it comes to the bike-painting business, there are two variations that you can opt for. One is adding artistic embellishments to bicycles that are fully-assembled and the other is painting bicycles, in which you may or may not include tuning, reassembly, and disassembly services.

For the former, you need to have some artistic abilities such as being good at airbrushing, pinstriping, or hand-painted art and then applying that creativity to fancy up customers’ bikes.

The latter on the other hand simply requires you to have the bicycle painted to give it a new, fresh look. You can opt for whichever painting variation you like since both can help you make money!

Bicycle Salesperson


If you have a knack for selling stuff and you have excellent persuasion skills, you can consider becoming a salesperson in a bike or bicycle store. If you already have enough knowledge about the subject, getting employed in a bicycle store might not be that difficult for you.

However, you need to keep in mind that bicycle sales jobs are mostly low-paying since stores often cannot get experienced help.

They might even hire you without even looking at your resume. So, if you are looking for short-term bicycle jobs then becoming a bicycle salesperson might just be the ideal one for you.

Teach Bicycle Repair


A typical bicycle teaching course may run 6-8 weeks. Cycling enthusiasts are often willing to pay the price since they desire to know how to fix their own bikes, especially in the case of emergencies.

With a little investment and passion, you can easily turn teaching bicycle repair into a fine business.

For cycling fanatics, bicycle repair is something much more than convenience. The satisfaction that you will see on their faces once you help them learn and excel repair techniques will make you understand it all!

You can start your business from home if you have the necessary space or look for a community space that is free or low-cost so that you can gain maximum benefits from the process.

Meal Delivery


If you own a sturdy bicycle, meal delivery is one of the bicycle jobs that are sure to help you earn some money.

You can make arrangements with local restaurants to carry takeout orders. You can use personal contact, press releases, flyers, business cards, or even paid advertising to promote the services you have to offer.

One of the best ways you can earn money riding a bicycle is posting notices in the restaurants in your town, informing people that you are willing to deliver their food to their clientele for a very fair wage.

Once you gain a customer, try to provide them the best service possible for the money that they are paying. This will not only help you make a loyal client, but they might also refer you to others and eventually help you expand your business!

Bottom Line

We hope that with all the aforementioned information on how you can make money riding a bicycle, you found bicycle jobs worth your while.

Pursuing careers that involve bicycle riding don’t only help you make money on your own terms but also help you get ample exercise, allowing you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

Give one of the ideas above a try today to enjoy a profitable business using your bicycle or cycling skills!

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