23 Interesting Bike Basket Ideas

23 Interesting Bike Basket Ideas

Many people love bike baskets. They look stylish and seem to be very practical, but what do you use them for? 

There are a few ways that you can utilize your bike basket to be more efficient. Whether you use the bike for commuting purposes or leisurely rides, a bike basket will always be helpful. 

However, bike baskets come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Perhaps you do not like the look of your basket. There are many ways to spruce up your basket to be more stylish and functional.

If you rather start from scratch and create your own DIY bike basket, there are several ways you can do this as well. 

This guide will cover 23 interesting bike basket ideas, from how to use the bike basket to how to create one. 

Let’s get started.


What To Use the Bike Basket For

Many people buy bike baskets for only one purpose, whether that is groceries or other shopping items. However, there are several interesting things that you can utilize the basket for.

In this section, we will list a few different things that you can put in the basket. 



One of the most common ways to use a bike basket is for groceries. While you can’t store a full load in your basket, it will work well for a mid-week shop.

Even so, bike baskets are typically a good size and can fit several items in them.

Cyclists also love to take their bikes to outdoor farmers’ market. The basket will be a perfect size to fit fresh veggies in.

Shopping Items

Bike baskets also work great for simple shopping items. Take your bike to the mall on the weekend and do some light shopping. The basket will easily be able to fit a few shopping bags.

Not only will biking to the mall be better for the environment, but it will also help you save money since you will avoid buying too much. 

Pet Carrier


Many people either buy a pet carrier basket or convert their existing basket into a pet carrier. Using your bike basket as a pet carrier is great for several reasons. 

You won’t have to leave your dog at home when you go on long bike rides, and they will be able to enjoy the fresh outdoors while still being safe. You can also put them in the basket and ride them to a park. 

If you have small dogs, they may not be able to travel long distances. Having a pet carrier bike basket will allow them to rest whenever they get tired, instead of having to walk all the way home.

Homework Supplies

Hundreds of college and university students bike to school. Biking to classes is good for both your wallet and the environment.

If you have a bike basket, consider putting some school supplies in it, such as your lunch, some binders, water bottles, or anything else you need for class. 



If you are taking a nice and leisurely afternoon ride, consider buying or picking some fresh flowers. They will be very light to carry in the basket and will make for a great surprise for loved ones at home. 

If you are going to a park or a beach, you can even use the basket to store some collectible items such as seashells or pinecones. 

Supplies for a Long Ride

One of the most common ways to use bike baskets is for supplies. For instance, if you decide to take a bike ride over two hours, you will probably need some reinforcements.

Carry some water bottles and a few snacks to hold you over.

You can also store some camping gear in the basket if you take a short, overnight trip during the summer.  

Paint/Drawing Supplies

Nothing is better than painting or drawing in the park on a nice sunny day. Throw some paint or drawing supplies in and go for a ride.

Stop whenever inspiration strikes you and let your creative juices flow. This will make for a very relaxing and rewarding afternoon of biking. 



What better way to use a bike basket than for a picnic?

Firstly, fold a thin blanket and place it on the bottom of the basket.

Then fill your basket with fruits, sandwiches, and some juice (or wine), or whatever snacks you want. Ride to your favorite park and enjoy!


Another simple way you can use the bike basket is to store books. Take a long ride to a scenic viewpoint. When you arrive, take a break and crack open a book.

You can even take multiple breaks along the way to enjoy the day if the weather is nice enough and make a whole afternoon of it. 

How To Spruce Up Your Bike Basket

Now you know several ways to use your bike basket. However, many baskets that come with the bike are often plain-looking or do not suit your needs.

This section will review a few different ways to customize your basket, both for style and function.  

Customize With Fabric


A very easy way to customize your bike basket is to use fabric. You can take super glue and glue some fabric to the basket to give it a touch of color. 

If you want a more unique look, choose a few different colors of fabric. Then take some scissors and cut out about six small triangles.

You can then attach these fabric triangles to a string and glue the string around the perimeter of your basket. 

If you like how this looks, experiment with a few different shapes such as stars, hearts, or circles.

Add Some Paint

If you want to add some color to your basket, pick up some paint. Wooden baskets will be very easy to customize. Try to play around with some fun patterns. 

If you have a metal or plastic basket, you can always pick up some fun spray paint. Just make sure to take the basket off of the bike before customizing it. 

Put Your Initials on the Basket

Looking for a way to personalize your basket?

Head to your local craft or dollar store and buy some decorative wooden letters that spell your initials. If you want to jazz it up even more, buy glittered letters. 

Once you have found your initials, take the superglue and apply it to the back of the letters. You can then install these to the front of your bike basket. 

If you find small wooden letters, consider spelling out your entire name on the basket. You can also buy plain wooden letters, and paint them whatever color you want for a more fun project. 

Convert Your Basket Into a Pet Carrier


If you have a regular basket, you can convert it into a pet carrier so you can bring your furry friend along for the ride. 

All you have to do is take a picnic table cover and line the basket with this material to waterproof it.

Then you can add a small pillow for your dog to sit on. You can also install a mesh covering as well. 

Add a Second Bike Basket

If you tend to use your bike basket a lot for groceries, consider installing a second basket on the back of your bike. 

To do this, you will need to first install a rear rack. Then you can choose any basket you want, whether it is a plastic, wooden, or metal basket.

Consider installing a basket that is a bit wider so it can fit more groceries and shopping items. 

Decorate the Basket With Flowers


If you still have some crazy glue on hand, you can use it for this idea. A very easy way to amp up the style and uniqueness of your basket is to decorate it with flowers.

Buy some fake flowers at the dollar store and glue the flowers to the outside of the basket. 

Add a Coffee Thermos and Cellphone Holder

Another great way to customize your basket is to add a coffee mug and cellphone holder. 

If you already have a large basket, you can take a few small pieces of wood and add some dividers.

With the dividers, create two spaces, one for your coffee thermos and the other for your cellphone

If you don’t have a bike basket yet, buy a small wooden box and use one small piece of wood to divide the box in two. 

You can also purchase a large plastic cup from the dollar store and glue it to the inside of the basket. Then, store your coffee thermos in a plastic cup!

DIY Bike Basket Ideas

Want to build a DIY bike basket? Read below for a few easy ways to make your own basket. 

Wooden Crate Basket


If you have a wooden crate lying around in the garage, you can use this as a bike basket! You might have to sand it down a bit.

After you clean and sand it, then you can get out your paints. 

Paint the crate whatever color you want. You can even paint some flowers or your name on the basket to customize it further. 

Wire Basket

Want a more modern-looking bike basket?

Pick up a simple wire basket. Then grab three brown leather belts and cut the belts after measuring the handlebars.

You will be using the belts to secure the wire basket to the bike. 

To add more holes to the belts, use a hole puncher. 

Plastic Basket


If you are looking for the cheapest option out there, buy a small plastic basket. You will often find these at dollar stores for under $5. To attach the basket to the bike, use zip ties.

While this won’t be the most stylish bike basket, it will be the most affordable. 

Metal Pipe Basket

You can also use some metal pipe to create a bike basket. However, this DIY recipe will be a bit more challenging and may take longer to build. 

To do this, you will need to buy or collect pieces of metal or copper pipe. After you assemble the pipes and figure out what works, you can glue the pieces together to secure them.

Make sure to install a piece of wood on the bottom of the basket for the base.

Picnic Basket


Have a cute, vintage picnic basket you never use?

Fortunately, you can use picnic baskets for DIY bike baskets.

These will work best on the back of the bike since they can be rather sizeable. If you are putting the picnic basket on the back of the bike, you will need to install a rear rack.

However, if you have a smaller picnic basket, it will be easier to install in the front of the bike. 

Milk Crate Basket

If you are looking for a more temporary bike basket option, consider using a milk crate for the job. Grab some zip ties to install this basket to the front of your bike.

Or, if you already have a rear track on your bike, install the milk crate on the back. 

While this will not be the best-looking option, it will be fairly easy to remove this bike basket. That way, you don’t always have to bike with added weight. 

Vintage Wine Box Basket


Do you have any old or vintage crates? Try using something like a vintage wine box for a bike basket. They will be relatively simple to install, but you will need to install a rear bike track.

The box will probably be too big for the front of your bike. 

If you don’t have any vintage boxes at home, a great way to find them will be at garage sales or flea markets. 


There are a number of interesting bike basket ideas to use on your bike. 

If you are not sure what to use your bike basket for, consider storing groceries, shopping items, books, paint supplies, or picnic items in the basket. 

Do you want to spruce up the look of your basket?

Try decorating it with flowers or buy some wooden letters and glue on your initials. You can also customize your basket with fabric or paint

Finally, if you want to make your own DIY bike basket, you can use a wooden crate, wire basket, picnic basket, or a vintage box.

If you want a cheap and temporary option, consider buying a plastic bin or use a plastic milk crate. 


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