Bike Frame Bag: What Can It Be Used For?

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For as long as there are trips and off-road cycling, a bikepacking backpack is a necessity that bikers cannot forgo. But not everyone is willing to take the burden and pressure that it would put on their backs, especially on long-haul trips. For this reason, the bike frame bags were conceived.

Bike frame bags are smart storage packs that are fastened on the bike frame. Some models occupy the triangle underneath the seat while others take the space under the tube. They are intended not only for easy access to stuff, but also for spreading the weight evenly on the bike and to lower the user’s center of gravity. Thus, the rider will have better access to the bicycle and improve its maneuverability. It will also make the ride more enjoyable, comfortable, and convenient.

Bike frame packs come in all sizes and fit various types of bicycles. They are lighter to carry than other bike panniers. Bike frame bags will encourage you to pack light and take only your essentials. You can stash your first aid kit, some tools, and nutrition pack, and travel comfortably but still be well-equipped.


A Bike Frame Bag – What Can It Be Used For?

Bike frame bags are a practical way of storing gear without burdening the biker with a backpack. They fit in the bike’s frame without getting in the way of the rider. They are also designed smartly to have a minimal impact on the bike’s handling.

These bags can store all road essentials for the trip. They vary in size to let you take whatever you need for a particular trip. Most packs can conveniently store snacks, gear, gadgets, and even some clothes, in the bigger ones. Bike frame bags are usually unnoticed and do not affect the drag of the bike.

This is why most riders prefer them, whether on leisure rides or long trips. So, whether you are bike packing, road touring, or commuting, bike frame bags are your go-to travel storage. Some bikers use this in combination with other bike bags like a pannier or saddlebag. Oftentimes, they are also good enough to go on their own.

How to Choose the Best Bike Frame Bag

When choosing a frame bag, the first thing that you want to consider is if the pack matches your ride. Below are some factors that will help you decide on the best bike frame bag that suits you:


Bike frame bags come in various sizes and varying capacities to match your riding needs. When looking for the perfect frame bag for you, size is your first consideration, so make sure that it comfortably fits your frame. Look for something smaller than your frame. Oversized bike frame bags tend to sag when crammed into the frame.


How much stuff do you think you will carry regularly? This will help you decide on the capacity of the bag that you need. As we said, bigger bike bags can risk sagging, but overloading a smaller bike frame bag will also cause it to bulge. Overstuffing it can risk damaging the bag, especially the zipper-type ones.


The bag’s compartment is important if you want to organize your things properly. Usually, the main compartment is built slim, which prevents it from bulging when packed. Other bags have internal pockets that will safely and securely store important belongings. Others have outside mesh pockets, so you can easily access small things.


Weight matters if you do not want your appendages to slow you down. Aside from the aerodynamic and narrow option, users choose the ultra-lightweight feature of bike frame bags. Hence, as physics says, the lighter your gears, the more aerodynamic you go. Regardless of the actual capacity you put inside the bag, the weight of the bag itself is an important factor.

Bag Style

There are three main types of bike frame bags:

  • Half-frame Bags. These bags usually hang from the top tube and take up half of the frame. They do not get in the way of the water bottle cage. Thus, they are preferred by users who do not want to be bothered by bags obstructing their water bottles.
  • Top Tube Frame Bags. The top tube bags are secured on the bicycle’s stem or steer tube. These are the perfect spot for mounting phone holders. That’s why most top tube bags are also ingeniously designed with a phone holder to boot.
  • Full Frame Bags. This takes up the entire triangle of the bicycle’s frame. If you are using a full-frame bag, then you may need to uninstall your water bottle cage. However, they have a maximum carrying capacity, so you will not need other panniers or racks anymore.

Mounting Style

Bike frame bags are attached to the frame in different ways. Some are latched using Velcro straps, and are adjusted around the frame and housing. These mounting styles are popular since they are completely adjustable.

Other bags are attached using a hook and loop system. They are also excellent for micro-adjusting the fit of the bag.

Examples of Bike Frame Bags

Just getting started learning about bike frame bags? Here are some examples you can look at online along with advantages that are specific to each product.

Aduro Sport Triangle Bicycle Bag

aduro sport triangle bicycle bag

If you are looking for a minimalist and unobtrusive bike frame bag, this Aduro pack has a low-profile design that can fit your trinkets and essentials for short trips. Its slim and streamlined style also helps minimize wind resistance, making it almost inconspicuous to carry.

This saddle bag easily connects to the bike’s top tube through Velcro strips. Thus, you can easily adjust the strap to secure it onto the bike with a perfect fit. This universal mounting makes it perfect for almost all types of bicycles.

This bag also has eight color variations to give you more freedom to color-coordinate it with your bike.

What can you put inside this bag?

Your phone, wallet, keys, a mini bike pump, and some repair tools can snugly fit in these bikepacking bags. For zippered bags, we strongly suggest avoiding cramming and overstoring. It will prevent stress on the zips that can cause them to split.

Best Features

  • Material: Water-resistant polyester
  • Universal Mounting
  • Adjustable custom fit
  • Low-profile Design
  • Water-resistant gear
  • Zippered-type

WaterFly Bike Frame Bag and Phone Holder

waterfly bike frame bag and phone holder

The Water Fly bike frame bag comes, ingeniously, with a phone holder. This bike frame bag is ideal for people who rely on their phones for maps. And, it even has a waterproof TPU touch screen and an outside visor. A hidden earphone hole on the side will also let you take pleasure in the trip with some good music.

Entertainment aside, this waterproof bag has room for stuff you would usually take on long rides. The main pouch has a mesh compartment to enable the proper storage and organization of your things. Velcro straps on the back and bottom allows adjustment for the bag to fit snugly on the frame.

What can you put inside this bag?

The mesh compartment can fit in your power bank, charger, bike repair tools, and a small tire pump. Cycling gloves, a towel, and your wallet can also go into the pack. The phone holder can secure phones below 6.5 inches.

Best Features

  • Material: TPU and polyester
  • Weight: 180 grams
  • Adjustable custom-fit
  • Waterproof double zipper
  • With sun visor on the phone holder
  • Shake-proof
  • Non-deforming
  • Reflective trim on the edge

Ibera Triangle Bicycle Frame Bag

ibera triangle bicycle frame bag

The Ibera bike frame bag has a triangle design that will not hold you back or slow you down. Consequently, its slim body design has high capacity for minimizing wind resistance. It also integrates into the bike’s frame, filling it partially, but not getting on the way. Also, it will not interfere with your bike’s water cage if fastened properly.

Depending on your necessities, this bike frame bag also comes in medium and large sizes. Furthermore, it has a multi-compartment interior. It has a main section, an interior pocket, and an outside pocket for better storage organization.

What can you put inside this bag?

Your wallet, tools, phone, and even snacks can fit inside the bag. The interior pocket can also hold keys, keychains, and other small gear. Thus, there’s no need to stuff that key into your socks if you want to travel light.

Best Features

  • Material: 420D Nylon Fabric
  • In medium and large sizes
  • Streamlined design
  • Multi-compartment
  • Reflective trim on the edge
  • Zip-type
  • Water-resistant

MOOCY Ultralight Bike Frame Bag with Bottle Holder

moocy ultralight bike frame bag with bottle holder

The MOOCY Ultralight bike frame bag features a net pocket for holding a water bottle, so there’s no need to cram your bike bag and water bottle cage together. You can also attach this bag to your bike’s triangle frame using its Velcro straps.

This large-capacity bag makes a good fit for mountain bikes and road bikes. The design is simple and straightforward, and it is also lightweight.

What can you put inside this bag?

The MOOCY bag main compartment can cater to some bike repair tool kits, a tire tube, wallet or mobile phone, among other items. An elastic cord secures the water bottle, and these bikepacking bags can accommodate bottles up to 16-inch in diameter.

Best Features

  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 75 grams
  • Large space capacity
  • Ultralight
  • Velcro strap fastener
  • With reflective stripe on the edge
  • Zippered enclosure

Blackburn Outpost Bike Frame Bag

blackburn outpost bike frame bag isolated on white background

There are times when you want to travel light and need to bring little necessities, but there are also times when you need bigger storage to hold your things. The Blackburn Outpost bike frame bag is a step ahead of the game and provides for the need for larger storage. This expandable bag has a size adjustment that will maximize your luggage capacity depending on your needs.

The Blackburn Outpost bag also has a hose port for storing water in the reservoir. Also, the bag can keep your gears dry, with welded seams and waterproof zippers. This bike frame bag also has two external pockets with drainage holes.

There are various fits for different bicycles. Thus, you can choose from small, medium-short, medium-tall, or large bag sizes. Bags that fit perfectly into the triangle frame will make the bike more stable.

What can you put inside this bag?

This bag can carry more mission-critical gear, like food or technical tools that riders need. It also has a water reservoir or cache battery holder at the bottom part. The dense material is put at the lowest center of gravity.

Best Features

  • Material: 70D Nylon, 4mm Ripstop
  • Weight: S-205g/ M-Short 246g/ M-Tall 264g/ L- 306g
  • Sized to fit various bike frames
  • With hose port or battery port
  • Has water reservoir or cache battery holder
  • Waterproof zippers
  • External pockets with drainage holes

Rogue Panda Roll Top Bike Frame Bag

rogue panda roll top bike frame bag blue color

When it comes to convenience, roll-top bike frame bags are suitable examples. They are expansive, so you can stuff the bag to the brim and still be able to close it without trouble. The Rogue Panda is a popular brand for riders who love to go on long-haul trips.

These bomb-proof bags are dust and mud-resistant. They are also more water-resistant compared to the usual zippered ones. This large-capacity bag has tapered sides and low-profile seams. This prevents the bag from getting too bulky when full.

To make your stuff more secure, the Rogue Panda is fastened to the frame with metal buckles. It has roll-top straps to adjust the fit and tighten your load down.

This bag comes in different colors, from solid, camo, or printed. You can also request a custom fit size and design that you need and want.

What can you put inside this bag?

Pretty much anything you might need. Don’t forget to pack your bike tools and a few skills to fix your problems on the road.

Best Features

  • Material: X-Pac
  • Roll-top enclosure
  • Extra-large capacity
  • Low-profile metal buckles
  • Highly water-resistant gear
  • Pack can fit all bike frames

RockBros Top Bike Frame Bag

rockbros top bike frame bag

This sleek bike frame bag has a compact design and side-stiff walls that resist deformation.

Rockbros also has a long and slim body that can accommodate a large capacity of contents. It is made from abrasion-proof and durable material. Like most bike frame bags, it is also waterproof. It offers an advantage for all-weather biking adventures, even on a downpour.

The RockBros bag has an adjustable hook and loop strap.

What can you put inside this bag?

This large-capacity bike bag can store your wallet, energy gel, mobile phone, and your basic repair kit. It is also available in medium and large sizes to suit your needs.

Best Features

  • Material: 840D Nylon + TPU
  • Weight: M- 85 g/ L-120 g
  • Large Capacity
  • Durable and Stiff
  • Waterproof
  • Long and Slim Body
  • Easy to Install

Relevate Hopper Frame Bag

relevate hopper frame bag isolated on white background

Many bikers love Relevate Design bags such as this universal fitting Hopper bike frame bag. It can fit most adult-sized bikes and full-suspension frames.

This zipper-less bag is expedient for sorting your stuff and convenient for packing. It is also advantageous for single-handed access to your things. The magnetic closure of the panel opening further adds to its convenience.

Moreover, the Relevate Hopper bag is rugged storage made from VX-21 Dimension Polyant panels. This makes it two times more abrasion-resistant than other materials.

What can you put inside this bag?

Basically everything you can think of. Filling it up to the brim will not damage the bag, unlike zippered enclosures.

Best Features

  • Material: Dimension Polyant VX-21; 420-denier diamond ripstop lining
  • Weight: 170 g
  • Universal fitting
  • Single-handed access
  • Adjustable magnetic closure
  • Flap opening
  • Highly-abrasion resistant
  • Highly waterproof

Northseven XL Carbon Bike Frame Bag

northseven xl carbon bike frame bag isolated on white background

Although it is so small that it can sit under the bike’s frame, the Northseven is big enough to hold all your essentials. It has reinforced Velcro straps for easy installation but firm latching on the frame. It also has two removable D-ring anti-slip mounting straps.

The Northseven is ultralight and sturdy. It is fully waterproof inside and out and secured by a waterproof zipper. With its black carbon material finish, it is easy to clean the bag after the day’s ride.

Furthermore, it is simple to access the contents through its big zippered open mouth. It also has a slim design that will minimize wind resistance. This multi-purpose bag works well with all types of bikes. Also, it does not obstruct the water bottle cage.

What can you put inside this bag?

This bag has storage space for bike repair tools, a mobile phone, wallet, and energy gel. It also has two side pockets for storing small stuff like keys and cords.

Best Features

  • Material: Black Carbon color fabric
  • Ultra-lightweight and sturdy
  • Premium design
  • Big-zippered open mouth
  • Easy to install
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Multi-purpose storage

Velmia Triangle Bike Bag

velmia triangle bike bag

Narrow-design bags like the Velmia provide more leg space for the rider. It does not get in the way when pedaling, so it is an unobtrusive storage bag. These bags can also minimize wind resistance due to their slim body.

This functional all-arounder bag is a stylish way to carry your biking essentials. It can sit underneath the seat and the top tube, and it can offer a little space for the water bottle cage.

This bag is 100% waterproof to keep your stuff, especially tech, dry throughout. A special net- and-key hook in the inside compartment will help you organize your stuff properly. It also has four Velcro fasteners for easy and secure mounting.

What can you put inside this bag?

You can pack your essentials in this 1.5-liter capacity bag. Your telescopic pump, bike lock, some repair tools, and gadgets can fit in without trouble.

Best Features

  • Clever narrow design
  • Waterproof bag and zipper
  • Easy to mount
  • With reflective strips

TriSeven Aero 30 Bike Frame Bag

triseven aero 30 bike frame bag isolated on white background

Triathletes trust the aerodynamic Tri-Seven bike frame bag for its purpose. This lightweight carbon bag is designed to reduce drag on the road. It has a PVC fabric and scratch bottom that will not damage your bike frame’s paint.

Its four removable 2-way Velcro straps will custom-fit the bag into the frame. The straps are purposely longer, so you can just cut out the excess once it is fitted onto the bike. If you want to attach it directly to the bike, it also has an optional one-hole mounting bolt.

The Tri-Seven Aero bag also has strong capacity which every triathlete needs. Whether you are running a full or half triathlon distance, it can hold a great amount of things. It also has an audio or headphone and power bank port for your gadgets.

What can you put inside this bag?

Most users suggest including about ten energy gels, nutritional packs, a pump, and tools. You can also add your mobile phone, CO2 cartridge, and keys and still have a little bit of room left for other items.

Best Features

  • Material: Aerodynamic carbon and PVC fabric
  • Weight: 87 grams
  • Premium aerodynamic design
  • Optimum storage capacity
  • With bolt mounting hole
  • Anti-scratch material
  • Fully waterproof construction
  • Best for training and races


A simple backpack may weigh you down and stress your shoulders out. So, if you are heading somewhere for a biking adventure, pack your gear in a bike frame bag. These bags are designed to let you carry your essential gear effortlessly.

Depending on your lifestyle, there are various bike frame bags that will suit your ride. You can find bike bags that privy every rider’s need every time they hit the road. We hope you can pick one to get you started on all your biking adventures.

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