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Hybrid bikes are a great choice for all-around riding. These bikes are just what the name implies – as they blend the capabilities of numerous types of bikes. Most notably, they combine some of the speed of road bikes, with the off-road capabilities of mountain bikes. In this article, we’re checking out one of the most popular hybrids on the market – the Diamondback Maravista.



Diamondback is an established bicycle brand, and is headquartered in Kent, Washington. Founded in 1977, they have 43 years of experience in this industry! Diamondback has established a reputation for manufacturing quality bicycles. They primarily specialize in mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrids. Initially, Diamondback positioned themselves as mid-tier bikes, but recently they have started to manufacture some higher-end models as well.

All this being said, the most important part is that Diamondback is a brand you can trust. Their years of experience mean that they manufacture quality bikes, and we’re going to check out whether the Maravista holds up to their established standards of quality. We’ll start with a full product outline, and then give you a buyer’s guide.

Lets’ go:

The Maravista

The Diamondback Maravista is a basic hybrid bicycle. Its primary purpose is for general commuting and city cruising. It’s definitely not intended to be a super high-end premium option, just to provide a solid, reliable, and comfortable ride for getting around town. It’s important to establish the primary purposes of a bike from the outset, so that we can evaluate whether or not it is able to meet its own requirements.

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First, let’s dig a bit deeper and check out the main components of this bike’s design. It’s worth noting that this is a pretty standard hybrid bicycle. Definitely don’t expect super premium design. But if you’re looking for a solid, well rounded commuter bike, this may fit the bill. Here’s what it has to offer:


The Maravista is equipped with a high-strength, relatively lightweight aluminum frame. The focus here is on being lightweight, durable, and reliable. The frame is positioned and angled so that the rider can sit upright, which is considered the most comfortable position to ride a bike.


This is a 21-speed bicycle, with Shimano derailleurs for smooth shifting. Ample gearing allows the rider to adjust resistance depending on the intensity of their ride.

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This bike is equipped with alloy linear brakes, which provide ample stopping power. These are rim brakes, which aren’t quite as high-end as disc brakes, but they get the job done, especially considering that this bike isn’t really meant for high speeds.

Wheels and Tires

This bike is equipped with 700c wheels and tires. The tires have relatively decent traction, which allows the bike to handle city-riding as well as light off-road terrain. The wide wheelbase also allows for a stable, comfortable ride.

Handlebars and Saddle

The handlebars are positioned well above the saddle. This makes for a riding position that is quite upright. This makes for a more comfortable ride overall, as the rider has to sit upright to properly grip the handlebars.

The saddle itself is wide and padded, offering great comfort. Overall, many features of the Maravista’s design were clearly made with comfort in mind.

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Next, let’s check out the pros & cons of the Maravista.

Pros & Cons

The best way to evaluate a product is to look at the benefits and the drawbacks. This way, you can make an informed decision as to whether the product is for you. With the Maravista, there are definitely some aspects worth consideration:


Stable, Comfortable Ride

First up, and as we examined above, many features of this bike’s design are geared toward stability and comfort, and it achieves this goal quite well! Everything from the wide wheelbase, to the upright riding position, to the padded seat, to the smooth, easy ride! This is a bike that clearly emphasises comfort and control.


The next major benefit is that this is a very affordable option. At only a few hundred dollars, you’re getting a quality bike at a fair price. This is especially impressive considering that many hybrid bikes have price tags well into the thousands!

Durable and Strong

Finally, this bike is durable and strong. Diamondback is a trusted bike manufacturer, and you can expect this bike to last for years with proper care. The durable aluminum frame supports all of the quality components.


Limited Usage

In terms of cons, the #1 con with a bike of this type is that it’s not for everyone! Simply put, it lacks the functionality of a high-end premium bike. This isn’t a bike for high-speed road biking, and it isn’t a bike for off-road mountain biking. You really have to be sure of what you want before you purchase this bike. It is very much a basic, commuter bike. So if you go into your purchase expecting a high-performance bike, you will leave disappointed.

maravista hybrid bike handlebars

The number one thing with bikes is to evaluate them based on usage. If you are just looking to use a bike for commuting, then you will likely be very happy with this bike. If you intend to use a bike for more extensive purposes, then you might leave disappointed.

Basic Design

Building on our last point, this bike touts very basic design. While this is generally fine for its intended usage, it definitely won’t satisfy those looking for premium, technical bike components. This bike isn’t cutting edge, and it doesn’t have ultra-premium capabilities. Set your expectations appropriately so that you won’t be left disappointed!


Overall, we think this is a great bike for its intended usage. It is a very much a no-frills option for transport purposes, but it meets these intentions admirably. If you’re looking for a solid, comfortable hybrid to get you from Point A to Point B, then you can’t do much better than the Diamondback Maravista! As long as you require a basic commuter bike, then we think you’ll be very happy with your purchase!

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