Does Hanging A Bike By The Wheel Damage It? 

Does Hanging A Bike By The Wheel Damage It? 

Whether you have one bike or multiple bikes, storing a bike indoors safely is a tough job.

Storage space is rare, especially in city apartments and shared living spaces.

But proper bike maintenance and storage are necessary to protect your beloved ride from the elements, corrosion, and thiefs. If you have an expensive bike, it becomes all the more important to maximize the return on your investment.

Many riders hang their bikes by one wheel from their basement ceiling, deck, or wall to combat the problems of limited space, full garages, and cramped apartments.

This can be a handy solution for people with too many bikes at home and not enough floor space to accommodate them all.

But does hanging a bike by the wheel damage it?

Here we will answer your question and also tell you how to properly hang a bike by the wheel to prevent damage to your bike.


Can You Hang A Bike By Its Wheel?

Can You Hang A Bike By Its Wheel?

Can you hang a bike by its front wheel or back wheel?

Of course, you can, with the help of a hook on the wall or ceiling. You can use this space-saving trick for road bikes, e-bikes, mountain bikes, bikes with suspension forks, and other bike types.

Does hanging a bike by the wheel damage it?

No – as long as you hang it properly. A bike is designed to carry its rider’s weight and absorb shocks from riding over bumps and other road imperfections.

So, it can generally handle the gravity of its own weight when you hang it from your wall or ceiling.

However, it is best to exercise caution if you own a bike with hydraulic disc brakes. You should not hang a hydraulic brake bike upside down, especially if it is due for a bleed. You will typically find air bubbles at the top of the reservoir tank, which is not really an issue.

But if a bike with hydraulic brakes is stored upside down, it can cause the bubbles to move toward the brake line and get stuck there. This can cause the brake system to stop working properly.

If this happens, you can bleed them and change the fluid at home. Or you can go to your local bike shop and get a professional’s help.

Also, if you still decide to hang your hydraulic brake bike upside down, do not pull or squeeze the brake lever when the bike is in that position. This can push the bubbles to the calipers and make it harder to get them back into the reservoir.

Similarly, don’t hang your bike with hydraulic brakes on the wall vertically by the front or rear wheel if you haven’t bled it. Also, avoid squeezing the brake lever when you hang your hydraulic brake bike vertically to prevent the same issues from recurring.

Will The Wheel Be Damaged?

Will The Wheel Be Damaged?

Now that we have resolved your question about damage to your bike when hanging it by the wheel, you may be wondering if hanging bikes can distort and ruin your bike wheels or spokes. Again, the answer is no.

Does hanging a bike by the wheel damage it?

No, in normal circumstances, hanging a bike will not cause the bicycle tires or wheel to bend or break. Bike wheels are also built to bear the weight of the rider. So they can easily handle the weight of the bike frame without becoming bent or distorted.

However, if the spokes or rims were already damaged,  you must avoid hanging your bike by the wheel. 

Also, avoid hanging road bikes that come with fairing carbon rims. These rims mostly have aluminum wheels, but their chunky rim profiles are crafted from thin carbon. These rims can get damaged if you leave your bike hanging on a wall.

If you don’t know whether your road bike has fairing carbon rims, check them by squeezing them. A fairing carbon rim will bend when you squeeze it.

How To Properly Hang The Bike

How To Properly Hang The Bike

You can use different types of bike mounts to properly hang your bike, like the ones below:

Gravity Stands

Gravity stands, or freestanding bike racks, typically hold one or two bicycles and don’t require drilling into a wall. To keep your bicycle upright, you can simply lean it against a wall.


Most bicycles, these days, do not come with kickstands nowadays. Avid bikers often remove the kickstands on their bicycles to reduce unnecessary weight.

Mountain bike models also don’t feature these simple yet clever devices, as pointed stands may hurt riders in the event of a crash.

However, kickstands make it easy for people who have enough room in their garages or apartment to store bikes upright. If you want a kickstand for your bike, get one from a bike shop.

Vertical Wall Hook Mount

A vertical wall hook mount helps you store your bike vertically with the front wheel up and the back wheel down. This tool is a fantastic option if you own one or more bikes.

Turning the rear wheel of every other bike up allows you to keep all your bikes close together on different mounts and save wall space.

While getting a vertical wall hook mount for your bike, make sure you use vinyl hooks. These hooks have a soft coating that will not scratch or damage your bike’s rims.

Over time, if you see the coating wearing off, wrap a layer of inner tube around the hook to prevent the latter from damaging your bike.

A hook with a wider mouth is also a fantastic choice, as it can accommodate different bike sizes.

Note that many bike owners often worry that using a single hook will concentrate all the weight of the bike on a singular point, which can distort the wheel. However, this isn’t the case. Most bike shops use hooks to hang their display models without any damage.

But if you’re still worried, you can hang your bike by two points of contact. Using two contact points will help you spread out the bike weight evenly. To do this, install two mounting hooks or rest the bottom tire on the floor.

Horizontal Wall Hook Or Shelf Mount

If you’re still looking for the right hook type for hanging bikes, a horizontal wall hook mount is a great idea. It looks beautiful in an apartment and is great for storing bikes.

However, you need to drill this bike hook into a wall, which can make it challenging to move around your apartment.

Hoist System

If you don’t want a fancy bike lift that may burn a hole in your pocket, get a hoist system for high ceilings and lofts.

It uses a pulley to raise and lower your bicycle and is relatively budget-friendly. Just make sure to measure your ceiling height before buying one, as some models have a height limit.


Hanging a bike by the wheel for storage purposes is discussed, addressing whether it causes damage. Generally, hanging a bike by the wheel does not harm it, as bikes are designed to bear their weight.

Caution is advised for bikes with hydraulic disc brakes to avoid affecting the brake system. Damaging the wheels through hanging is unlikely unless they are already damaged.

Various options for proper bike hanging are provided, including gravity stands, vertical wall hook mounts, and hoist systems.


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