7 Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seats in 2021

Comfortable Mountain Bike Seats

Having a comfortable bike seat is an important start to set up for a great ride since the bike seat is a large component in ensuring a pleasant riding experience. Other important pieces in the bike’s construction will add to the equation, but for now, we will be talking about bike seats. And most specifically, locating the most comfortable mountain bike seats.

When you choose a bike seat, you want one well equipped for the type of riding you will be doing. A mountain bike seat is made for riding on and off the saddle, with many movements from the rider and the ground beneath you. You want a mountain bike seat that will hold up under the conditions of a mountain biking adventure but will still be comfortable to use for a long time.

A mountain bike seat needs to have the proper shape as well as a good design. The rider will be standing up, sitting down, pedaling fast, and making big drops, so you want a mountain bike seat that will hold up to all of these different rider positions and movements. You may want a little bit of padding on your mountain bike seat to cushion the fall from big landings, but too much padding is not ideal.

Different details in a bike seat will add to your riding style, like the specific slant of a bike seat that are also important to consider when deciding on the best mountain bike seat for you.

We have put together the top 7 mountain bike seats that offer a comfortable ride throughout all the ups and downs of a mountain biking ride. All these seats have slightly different designs and small differences in how they will provide comfort.

We have then put together a brief guide of what to look for in a quality mountain bike seat and how you can best decipher between each seat’s details to choose the most comfortable mountain bike seat.


Top 7 Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seats

1. Selle Italia X-LR Superflow

Selle Italia X-LR Superflow

This minimalistic mountain bike seat is simple but still made to be comfortable. It has a very small surface area which will help take some weight off of your ride. However, this seat does not lack the great features you want in a mountain bike seat.

The Fibra-Texto surface is durable and will keep its structure with all the bumps and movements of mountain biking. With less seat surface, the bike will be lighter, and the impact of each drop will also be less forceful without strain on the rider’s back and hips.

Underneath the outer shell of the seat, there is a dual-density padding system specifically designed to increase comfort. This seat also comes with lightweight titanium rails that are strong and made to last a long time. Also, the seat has reinforced edges to repel water and withstand all your body movements when moving over the rough terrain.

Although this bike seat might not look like much, the minimalist design has many benefits for a comfortable mountain bike ride.


  • Minimalistic and lightweight
  • Reinforced structure
  • Strong and durable


  • Minimal shape not great for heavier riders

2. SDG Components Radar MTN Saddle

SDG Components Radar MTN Saddle

The SDG Components Radar saddle has both the design and material for a comfortable mountain bike seat. The seat has some padding, especially at the back of the seat, where most of the rider’s weight will be. Padding is most important for the hard landings when you are going over jumps and bumps downhill.

Having padding solely for the hip bones is ideal for comfort without adding too much weight. This seat also has a shallow cut out in the center of the saddle for pressure relief. In addition, there is a concave cut-out in the rear of the seat intended to prevent scuffing from the back wheel with extreme suspension change.

The seat shape will help distribute the rider’s weight while the upholstering is tough and will withstand different weather and outdoor elements.

This bike seat has been made with carefully thought-out features for everything the mountain may throw at you.


  • Great form
  • Durable weatherproof  material
  • Seat cut out for tension relief
  • Designed for the outdoors


  • None we can think of

3. WTB Rocket Saddle

WTB Rocket Saddle

This Rocket saddle is well-loved for road biking and mountain bikers alike. It has a narrow front nose to help with speed and leg movements and provides padding at the back of the seat for hip support.

Also, the saddle’s shape is winged to help position the rider slightly forward and for power transfer. This position is ideal for a comfortable mountain ride, allowing for weight distribution and pedaling force.

This saddle has had excellent reviews, more so from smaller riders, who will benefit from the extra narrow seat nose. Its firm padding and thoughtful seat shape make this saddle a top contender.


  • Long tapered nose
  • Winged seatback
  • Firm padding


  • Slightly pricier option
  • Very narrow for bigger riders

4. SDG Bel-Air, Unisex Adult’s MTB Saddle

SDG Bel-Air

This mountain bike seat offers ideal support and has the great shape you want for mountain bike riding. Riders have reported that this bike seat is solid and durable for when you need to pedal hard up a hill.

Conversely, it has slightly suspended rails on its base, so there is some room for movement while riding over bumpy downhill areas.  The inner seat indent aids with the rider’s distribution of weight for a better ride.

This slim mountain bike seat still provides support and comfort for your mountain bike ride. It is both sleek and sturdy to help you get over any mountain.


  • Great shape
  • Supportive and strong


  • Stitching may get in the way

5. WTB Volt Saddle

WTB Volt Saddle

The volt saddle is an excellent medium-padded bike seat for mountain biking. The gel padding is strategically placed at the back, where there is the most pressure from a rider’s sit bones and minimal padding towards the thinner end.

So this bike remains comfortable without any extra bulk. There is an upward curved tail at the back of the bike seat, and then the nose of the seat is angled downward. The bike seat slope helps position your hips higher so that it is easier to push down on the pedals and get the most power from each push.

This bike seat is shaped and designed for both speed and comfort; this Volt saddle is extremely versatile.


  • Great for long-distance rides
  • Perfect seat shape


  • Heavier than some MTN seats

6. PRO Turnix Offroad Bicycle Saddle

PRO Turnix Offroad Bicycle Saddle

This is a top choice for a mountain bike saddle since it is well designed and lightweight. Both the shape and size of the bike will help with the ease of your ride up and down hills. It has a semi-curved seat shape that was created to match the rider’s body and movements.

The saddle is padded with light EVA material, which provides comfort and support. The nose is long and slim, so it will not get in the way of the rider’s movements.

This bike seat knows its customer; it is comfortable yet lightweight and is nice and thin like a mountain bike seat should be. Plus, for adventurous riders, this bike was designed to fit other accessories like a camera mount.


  • Light
  • Curved seat
  • padded


  • Slippery outer material

7. Ergon – SM Enduro Pro Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Saddle

Ergon - SM Enduro Pro Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Saddle

This mountain bike saddle has been tested by riders to be a top choice for riding on different terrain. This seat is shaped specifically with men in mind helping with a more easy and comfortable ride.

This bike saddle is flat, which helps to give the rider room when the trail drops off and the bike lands down hard. Inside the seat, there is Aircell foam padding for added comfort. The padding is also extended along the side of the saddle so that your inner thighs won’t hurt when they move.

The sleek sides on the bike seat allow the rider to move their legs freely without rubbing against the side of the seat. There is also a large cut out in the middle, specifically for men, to reduce pressure on the genital area.

The seat shape aids in distributing the rider’s weight throughout the bike, so there is not so much pressure in one spot while going up and down hills.


  • Men’s relief cut out
  • Well placed padding
  • Flat and comfortable profile


  • A flat seat might not be for you

Choosing the Right Mountain Bike Seat For Comfort

A mountain bike has many important components, but one that is often overlooked is the saddle. The bike seat definitely needs to be carefully considered since many different movements are involved in mountain biking, both on and off the saddle.

You want a bike saddle made for mountain biking but also one that is comfortable to sit on even with all the sudden movements. These are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the most comfortable mountain bike seat for your bike.

Seat Shape

A very comfortable saddle would ideally be wide; however, for a mountain bike, you do not want the extra weight or bulk when you are navigating a mountain top. However, you may find that a saddle with a slightly wider back portion will give you more support. For a mountain bike seat, you want one with a wide portion for comfort but still narrow towards the nose.

On a mountain bike seat, you will be pedaling and moving your legs continuously, and the bike itself will move too. So for an ideally comfortable ride, the narrow nose will give a rider enough room to move their legs freely.

For comfort, a seat cut out is a personal choice and will depend a little on the rider. If you find that the inner sit bones are sore after riding, you may want to consider a mountain seat with an inner cut-out.

Seat Padding

Padding on a bike seat will definitely help with comfortability. However, when riding a mountain bike, the right amount of padding is ideal. Too much padding will weigh down your ride, and too little will leave you in pain.

When you are riding a mountain bike, you are on and off the seat, so you want padding towards the back on the seat surface where your sit bones will be. A great addition to a mountain bike saddle is the padding on the outer edge of the seat, where your legs would move up and down.

Fit Your Biking Style and Body

There are some benefits to a comfortable mountain biking experience that will alter your saddle choice depending on how you like to ride. For example, if you are more of a racer and like to pedal fast through downhill and uphill movements, you will want to choose an extra narrow bike seat. A narrow bike seat will ensure lots of room for your legs to move quickly and continuously.

Also, being comfortable on your bike seat will depend a bit on your body shape as well. If you have a larger behind, you will probably benefit from a wider seat edge. On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of natural padding back there, you will need a little extra from the saddle.

The Most Comfortable Seat

If you are still unsure which one to choose after reviewing these most comfortable mountain bike seats, the best comfort test is to try it out yourself. You might be able to test out a sample bike seat to see if you like the general feel.

Think about your current mountain bike seat or a seat that you have sat on while mountain biking. How did it feel? What did you like and not like about it? Was it comfortable after a day of mountain biking?

Hopefully, with this list of the most comfortable mountain bike seats and our concise buyer’s guide, you will have all the tools you need to choose the best mountain bike seat for your adventures.


Is a road biking saddle different from a mountain bike saddle?

Yes, both bike seats are made for a different type of biking. A road bike seat is designed to ride on long distances and flat roads, whereas a mountain bike seat is meant for offroading and more bumpy rides. The shaping and design features of the bike seats will be different for every type of riding.

Where should a mountain bike seat sit on your bike?

Generally, you want the bike seat to be slightly lower than the handlebars on a mountain bike. You also want the seat at the right height for you to ride it, so it should be in line with the pedals and far enough away so that you can extend your legs straight when the pedal is at

the bottom of its rotation.

Are mountain bike seats interchangeable?

Most of the time, yes. Generally, you can easily change your mountain bike seat yourself or by taking it into a bike shop. There are some higher-end bikes, especially those that do not have interchangeable seats. Nowadays, however, it is more the norm to be able to switch out your seats and ensure that you get a seat that is most comfortable for you.

Why do mountain bike seats need to be that high?

The height of your mountain bike seat is important for allowing a safe and impactful riding position. There has been a trend towards a lower seat since you also spend time standing up on the pedals and off the saddle when you are mountain biking.

However, you want to be able to pedal efficiently and get the most power from your pedals if you are, for example, pedaling up a long hill, and you should be able to pedal while sitting down on the saddle.

Can you put a comfort seat on a mountain bike?

Technically you could. Many bike seats could be fitted to a mountain bike rail. However, the problem with using different seats for mountain biking is that they are not made with mountain biking in mind.

A mountain bike seat needs to be able to withstand speed, a lot of movement, and the jumps and falls of the mountain. They are often slim with some padding. Whereas a comfort seat will be very heavy and bulky and will likely impede your mountain biking experience.

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