15 Weird Bikes Found Around the Globe

15 Unusual Bikes Found Around The Globe

Bicycles are the coolest! And weird bikes sometimes take cool to the next level!

Bikes are easy to ride, give our muscles some much-needed exercise, and create zero pollution! The world needs more bicycles, no matter what!

Many would say that all bikes look and work the same, but once you are through with this read, you might change your mind.

Most of us have no idea just how many crazy and weird bikes there are out there. So let’s take a look at some of the strangest bicycles that people have invented over the years around the world!

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the unusual bikes, we got you covered:

Unusual and Weird Bikes

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1. Floating Bicycle

Floating Bicycle

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride a bike on water?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore, because a New Yorker has made it possible by creating a bike-raft hybrid that lets you travel over the water. What a way to avoid the city traffic!

2. Stoopidtaller


The Stoopidtaller was made because the Stoopidtall was not tall enough for the cinematographer Richie Trimble. The bike is a whopping 20 feet tall and is made from a Monster beach cruiser with eight bicycle chains linked together.

3. Longest Bicycle

Longest Bicycle

The longest bicycle was first introduced to the world when it appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2015.

Made in the Netherlands in 2011, the bike is 117-feet long and has two tires, just like an average bike. It requires two people only to ride it, one to steer the handle at the front and the other to pedal at the back.

4. Kwiggle


The Kwiggle can fold in on itself and accompany you on your travels easily. It can fit into your suitcase, in your backpack or in the trunk of your car. The bicycle has a hinge in the middle that allows it to be folded, and it weighs about 14 pounds.

5. Ferrari Bicycle

Ferrari Bicycle

Can’t afford a Ferrari car but need to put up an impressive front?

The Fahrradi Farfalla FFX lets you do just that. Equipped with Led lights and butterfly-mechanism flap doors, the exterior can fool most people till they look inside, where they will discover that the Fahrradi is actually powered by people pedaling on a built-in bike.

6. XploreAir Paraavello

XploreAir Paraavello

Apparently, airplanes and helicopters weren’t enough; we needed a flying bicycle, too.

The XploreAir Paravello is a bike that can take you to altitudes up to 4000 feet for approximately 3 hours. The bike consists of a bike made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and has a motor and flexible wings to keep it suspended in the air.

7. Shoe Bike

Shoe Bike

The Shoe Bike is a strange creation, but definitely a piece to marvel at. Instead of rubber tires, the bicycle has 12 sneakers arranged into tires.

8. Reuleux Triangle Bike

Reuleux Triangle Bike

Circular tires are boring, so someone thought of inventing a bike with triangular tires. This marvel was made by a mechanical engineer and was first seen at the Burning Man when its creator took it out for a ride, attracting a lot of interested gazes. 

9. Treadmill Bike

Treadmill Bike

If you can’t decide whether to work the treadmill today or to go for a bike ride, this bicycle is perfect for you.

You don’t have to choose between the two when you can do both of these at once! This treadmill bike had two tires like regular bikes, but you turn them by running on the treadmill, instead of pushing the pedals.

10. Backward Brain Bicycle

Backward Brain Bicycle

The Backward Brain Bicycle is not for the slow-brained. The bicycle is designed so that it turns in the opposite direction to where you turn the handles. Every time you need to make a left, turn right.

And in case you want to go right, you have to turn left. Think you can work your brain fast enough to ride it?

11. Chainless Bicycle

Chainless Bicycle

While it is certainly weird to look at, it is undoubtedly also very cool. Can a bike even be a bike without the chain?

The Bicymple proves that it can. The Bicymple employs a direct-drive, freewheeling mechanism, and despite the strange appearance, the Bicymple works like any other ordinary bike.

12. The Beastie

The Beastie

No, the Flying Scotsman doesn’t actually fly. However, he bicycles so fast that it feels as if he is indeed flying.

The Beastie can go up to 60 mph and is the fastest bicycle on the planet! Its creator, the famed Flying Scotsman, encased the entire thing in Kevlar and Fibreglass so as to protect the rider from injury when traveling at such speeds. 

13. Fat Bike

Fat Bike

The fat bike has a perfectly slim body, but the tires are another story altogether. The fat, heavy tires look like they belong on a heavy-bike, and not on a bicycle.

14. Opposite Tandem Bike

Opposite Tandem Bike

It is unclear what the purpose of this bike is. The Opposite Tandem bike has two seats and handlebars, facing opposite to each other.

The bike won’t actually be able to go anywhere if both the riders pedal together. We’re all wondering what the inventor was thinking when they made this.

15. VW Beetle Bike

VW Beetle Bike

If there can be a Ferrari Bike, there can also be a Beetle bike!

The Beetle bike has a Beetle car’s body and two bicycle wheels at the front and back. The Beetle bike was born in Texas in a  custom bikes shop, where it took a full 3 months to make. The bike comes with proper suicide doors and is enough to make any Beetle’s lover nostalgic.


There you have it! The 15 strangest bicycles in the world. While they may never become household names, and some might not even be that functional to begin with, the creativity and originality behind such works of art and mechanical genius must be applauded and appreciated.

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