Waterproof and Wind Resistant Winter Cycling Gloves – Our Simple Guide

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Cycling may be synonymous with summer heat and warm sun, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide your bicycles during the winter months. Despite the cold and chilly weather of winter, you can still enjoy riding the bike with the right accessories to protect you from the unwelcoming cold. Wearing winter cycling gloves allows you to safely ride the bike for that calorie-burning exercise.


Why Wearing Winter Cycling Gloves is Important?

People who are not cycling-enthusiasts may argue that you can just use any other gloves when cycling during the winter. However, this is definitely not the case. Having appropriate winter cycling gloves is essential and can save the lives of cyclists. Why?

There are various features that only winter cycling gloves offer. Unlike ski gloves that solely depend on super thick padding, cyclists require the opposite. They need to keep their sensitivity on the handles and shifters to ensure that they maneuver safely against harsh weather conditions. Hence, thick padded gloves are a big no-no to cyclists.

Additionally, wearing gloves intended for winter cycling also keeps the hands from getting cold. Since cyclists need to stay for long hours under the cold weather, cycling gloves that provide great insulation and keep the hands dry and warm are needed. Otherwise, cyclists may experience hypothermia or frostbite.

Can’t I Just Wear Mittens Instead of Gloves?

Using mitts or gloves boils down to personal choice. However, it is highly recommended to use gloves instead of mittens. Mittens do not provide the dexterity that gloves appropriate for biking have to offer. You can freely move your fingers with gloves compared to mitts. Thus, giving you more control of your bike. So for safety purposes, wearing appropriate winter cycling gloves is the best choice.

Considerations in Choosing the Best Winter Cycling Gloves

Choosing the gloves to wear when cycling during winter requires you to be knowledgeable of certain factors. There are many gloves sold in the market, but all of them are unique from each other. These considerations in choosing the best winter cycling gloves will help you determine which one will work for you.

Materials the Gloves are Made Of

Each brand makes use of different materials. So you need to choose the materials that’ll suit you best. Most often than not, gloves are made using synthetic leather. Some materials used for the outside shell also include spandex, polyester, lycra, and thermal polyurethane. These materials tend to dry quicker than actual leather, thus, giving the gloves its water-resistant or waterproof ability. Meanwhile, the inner layer usually makes use of fleece. This is to ensure that the hands are kept warm as much as possible.

Some materials are more breathable than others and provide more comfort to cyclists. Choose the materials that you are more comfortable with. But make sure that the make-up of these materials will give you that water-resistant and windproof abilities. These two are very important considerations for cyclists.

Local Weather Conditions

Weather conditions also need to be considered when choosing the appropriate winter cycling gloves. Not all winter weather is the same. Some areas only have a single-digit temperature, while others can reach up to -40°F or more.

For cyclists who live in areas where winter isn’t as bad as in the Alps or Rockies, there is no need to wear very thick gloves or those laced with super thermal features. On the other hand, people living in areas where winters are harsh, looking for gloves with more insulation protects the hands from feeling severely cold. Hence, it is best to choose a pair of gloves that is suitable for your local riding weather conditions.

Winter Cycling Gloves Features

Most winter cycling gloves right now provide the same features for gripping, touch screen, and insulation. However, the difference lies in the degree to how these features actually help you. Some anti-slid mechanisms are better than others. Some touch screen fingertips are more sensitive than others. While some insulation provides more warmth than others. The differences in materials and designs are the main thing you need to consider as they mostly affect the general features of gloves from various brands.

Moreover, the one thing you need to consider in ensuring your safety while riding is the inclusion of reflective materials. The reflective elements keep you visible during the nighttime or in other low visibility conditions. Make sure that you check for the gloves’ features before buying and choose something that’ll maximize your riding experience to the fullest comfort and safety.

Cuff Design

While many tend to ignore cuff designs, this is an essential factor in choosing the perfect winter cycling gloves. However, this factor mostly depends on personal preference. Some people prefer zippers over Velcro. Some would pick elastic cuffs, while some just do not mind at all. Make sure that when you pick a pair of cycling gloves, you choose the one that you are comfortable with, especially when you wear a watch on your wrist.

10 Examples of Waterproof and Wind Resistant Winter Cycling Gloves

Just getting started learning about winter cycling gloves? Here are some examples you can look at online along with advantages that are specific to each product.

INBIKE Men’s Winter Cold Weather Gel Bike Gloves

inbike mens winter cold weather gel bike gloves

You need to bundle up whenever you go cycling during the winter season. That said, this thermal pair of gloves from INBIKE provides the necessary heating for men without sacrificing comfort. It has thick silicone for fingers and thumb to ensure an easy grip of the lever for a safe riding experience. Moreover, the gloves are touch screen compatible. Hence, you don’t need to remove it whenever you need to access your phone or GPS.

It also has upper panels placed strategically, which allows your hand to breathe. Meanwhile, the thermal lining inside provides the warmth that your hands need while cycling outside. It is also tear-resistant that assures your hands will be protected at all cost.

Another thing we like about this INBIKE Men’s Winter Cold gloves is the fact that it has a reflective logo. It increases your visibility, especially during nighttime and in poor weather conditions. You can select from Medium to XX-Large sizes for a comfortable and correct fit.


  • Outer Material: 90% Polyester, 7% Microfiber Leather, 3% Nylon
  • Inner Material: Polar Fleece, Insulated Lining
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop

Why we like it

  • Gel-padded gloves for shock absorption
  • Tear-resistant lining
  • Reflective logo for increased visibility
  • Long wrist cuff

Souke Sports Winter Cycling Gloves for Men and Women

souke sports winter cycling gloves for men and women

The water-resistant gloves from Souke Sports are unisex gloves that will protect your hands from the harsh cold of winter when cycling. It provides amazing insulation to keep your hands warm and dry. Having these gloves help keep light rain showers and snowy weather away.

The lightweight gloves feature a windproof outer shell as well as thermally insulated fleece inside. It has anti-slip silica gel strips to increase friction and prevent you from losing your grip. It also has a unique palm construction with ergonomic cuts that allow you to maneuver movements easily. Thus, enhancing your control over the bike.

Additionally, the touch screen capacity of the glove also allows you to operate your gadgets. The reflective elements further increase safety and visibility, especially when you are riding at night time or in poor snowy conditions.


  • Outer Material: 45% Nylon, 35% Polyester, 20% Polyurethane
  • Inner Material: Fleece
  • Closure Type: Elastic
  • Temperature Range: 40 to 50 °F

Why we like it

  • Water-resistant
  • Windproof
  • Best for light winter conditions
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Suitable for other outdoor activities
  • Reflective for increased visibility

Sunifier Windproof and Waterproof Warm Gloves for Cycling

sunifier windproof and waterproof warm gloves for cycling

Being outdoors during cold weather inhibits comfort while working out. Hence, you need warm cycling gloves to go with you during your cycling adventures. The amazing features of these gloves include anti-static function, zero-piling, breathability, and lightweight. It is also created from premium compression soft fabrics, which makes it comfortable to wear.

The wrist has an elastic design that prevents snow from entering the wrist while cycling. The design also enhances warmth and keeps the wind from entering the gloves. It is also equipped with additional Velcro taped cuffs so that you can easily put it on and off. The easy adjustable Velcro also gives more comfort as you can adjust the tightness to fit your wrists better.

Additionally, the high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is waterproof. It enhances the gloves’ ability to keep your hands warm and dry regardless of snow and light rain. It has a strong grip and touch screen features to keep your gadgets secure when you need to use them.


  • Outer Material: Faux Leather, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
  • Inner Material: Fleece Thermal Lining
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop

Why we like it

  • Unisex
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Secure closure with Velcro
  • Water-resistant and windproof
  • Touch screen feature
  • Strong grip

FanVince Winter Gloves Water Resistant and Windproof

fanvince winter gloves water resistant and windproof

Touch screen and anti-slip are two main features of most winter cycling gloves. But how would one become different? The material used in making the winter gloves, of course. The FanVince gloves have a thermal TR cotton liner. This ensures maximum comfort that other gloves could not guarantee. Meanwhile, the outer shell is composed of thin yet windproof polyester. Such make-up lends the gloves its water-resistant feature amidst light rains and snow.

The touch screen capability of these gloves is limited to the thumb and forefinger. It easily helps you access your smart phones even if it has a screen protector cover. Moreover, the silicone particles enlaced in each glove increase control of the bike. It enhances your grip strength as well as makes it abrasion-resistant.

The gloves are available in five different sizes. You have a wide variety of choices to find the perfect fit. It is not only great for cycling but for other winter outdoor activities as well including running and hiking.


  • Outer Material: Polyester
  • Inner Material: Thermal TR Cotton

Why we like it

  • Unisex
  • Warm three-layer fabric for best thermal insulation
  • Water-resistant and windproof
  • Touch screen feature
  • Anti-slip mechanism with silicone

Anqier Winter Gloves

anqier winter gloves isolated on white background

Where looks are concerned, no one can beat Anqier’s cycling gloves. The design of the gloves combines sporty and functionality. It has moisture-wicking and anti-static functions, which some gloves do not provide. The premium compression soft fabric, coupled with a fleece liner, provides much-needed insulation and warmth during winter cycling.

It further boasts a highly sensitive touch screen fingertip. Conductive material coats the thumb and index fingertips to make texting and use of smartphones trouble-free. It also allows you to access your GPS maps without the need to remove the gloves and exposing your hands to the cold weather.

The gloves also serve as compression liner gloves. You can use it under half-finger biking gloves. Additionally, it serves to keep your hands warmer when fitted underneath ski mitts and bulky leather gloves for other winter activities you may wish to enjoy.

The grip strength is enhanced with the inclusion of non-slip silicone of the highest quality. It is available in four different sizes with an easy-to-understand size chart for your convenience.


  • Outer Material: Lycra
  • Inner Material: Fleece Thermal Lining

Why we like it

  • Unisex
  • Thermal winter gloves
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Water-resistant and windproof
  • Sensitive touch screen feature
  • Strong grip
  • Thickened flocking design
  • Size chart available

Kingsbom -40°F Waterproof and Windproof Thermal Gloves

kingsbom waterproof and windproof thermal gloves

As the winter drags on to negative degrees, you couldn’t do anything outside. But with the help of thermal gloves that can protect you from cold as much as -40°F, you can continue your daily routines such as cycling.

Kingsbom provides the best thermal winter cycling gloves as it features 3M Thinsulate insulation lining. The specialized gloves are composed of not one but multiple layers of 3M’s 200g Thinsulate insulation. The fabric is light enough to lend the glove’s breathability. It also does not hinder your mobility and dexterity, which are essential when riding your bike.

The thermal gloves also boast an air-circulating interior and a moisture-wicking exterior. It is also windproof, snow proof, and waterproof. And if these are not enough, it also has reflective materials and a touch screen feature included. Hence, it is one of the best winter cycling gloves on the market today. Truly, this is a must-have for every cyclist who wants to continue their outdoor activities even during the harsh winter condition.


  • Material: 3M’s 200g Thinsulate Insulation
  • Closure Type: Pull-On
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Temperature: -40°F

Why we like it

  • Unisex
  • Touch screen feature
  • Temperature range up to -40°F
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Waterproof, windproof, and snow proof
  • Reflective materials

Jeniulet Winter Warm Gloves

jeniulet winter warm gloves isolated on white background

With a zipper enclosure, you are assured that the gloves will stay fit on your hands regardless of movement. Crafted from premium lycra, these gloves certainly expel water. Thus, it is one of the best waterproof gloves for winter cycling.

Moreover, it has an all-finger touch screen capability. This is a great fit for people who use all their fingers when handling devices for texting, calling, or checking GPS maps. It also has an anti-skid design with silicone patches on the palms and fingers. This provides cyclists with more control of bike levers to ensure a safe ride along the road.

Another thing that makes these gloves unique is the inclusion of velvet lining and 260g fleece on the wrist. It keeps the hand as warm as possible while making sure that no wind, snow, or any debris enters the gloves. This pair of gloves is great for all outdoor activities such as cycling, snowmobile, country skiing, and hiking, among many others.


  • Outer Material: 88% Polyester, Lycra
  • Inner Material: Fleece Thermal Lining
  • Closure Type: Zipper

Why we like it

  • Waterproof premium lycra
  • All-finger touch screen
  • Anti-skid design with silicone
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Velvet and 260g fleece lining

LERWAY Water Resistant and Windproof Gloves

lerway water eesistant and windproof gloves

Made from a multilayer soft shell fabric, these gloves provide the warmth your hands need while cycling in the winter cold. It is further laced with a waterproof membrane and fleece lining to guarantee that your hands are kept warm as much as possible. It can withstand light rain and snow so that you can conveniently and comfortably do your winter activities outside.

The sensitive touch screen feature permits the thumb, index finger, and middle finger to navigate your smartphones. All thanks to the superior SBR coating layer adopted on the fingertips. Meanwhile, the anti-slip silicone pods on the palms give you more control by increasing friction. It also makes the gloves abrasion-resistant.

The cuff of these gloves is stretchable to provide a comfortable fit around your wrist. It further keeps rainwater and the wind out.


  • Outer Material: Polar Fleece, Waterproof TPU
  • Middle Layer: Firm Sponge
  • Closure Type: Stretchable Cuff
  • Temperature: 5°F

Why we like it

  • Touch screen
  • Waterproof
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Anti-slip palm design
  • Wide range of use
  • Available in various sizes

GORELOX Winter Warm Anti-Slip Sports Gloves

gorelox winter warm anti slip sports gloves

Superior dexterity and durability are GORELOX’s edge compared to other winter cycling gloves. It has a 3D tailoring fit for both men and women. The flexibility and stretchability of the materials used provide ease and comfort to wearers.

It is sewn with water-resistant TPU to ensure that hands are kept dry and warm at all costs. It can withstand light rain and snow showers when you are out and about running errands or cycling. Just like all winter cycling gloves on our list, it also features an anti-slip design with silicone pads on the palm and fingers area. Thus, providing efficient support and better grip to ensure safety while cycling even during rainy days.

It also has high-sensitivity touch screen ability on the thumb and index finger. So you can efficiently use your smart devices without taking off the glove and exposing your hand to the cold and harsh winter weather.


  • Material: Silicone, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Double Fleece Liner
  • Closure Type: Zipper

Why we like it

  • Double fleece liner
  • High-sensitivity touch screen
  • Anti-skid design with silicone
  • Windproof
  • Superior durability and dexterity
  • Concise size chart available

VBIGER Reflective Sports Gloves

vbiger reflective sports gloves isolated on white background

One of our most affordable picks for winter cycling gloves comes from VBIGER. But don’t let the affordable price fool you. This pair of gloves is created using spandex and silicone materials. The thickened fleece lining also increases the insulation capacity of the gloves. Meanwhile, the back has jacquard clothing combined with spandex and milk fabric. This pair of winter cycling gloves does not only boost functionality but fashion too.

Additionally, it has windproof and water-repelling abilities. The palm is also covered with anti-slip silicone to provide friction while maintaining slip-resistance. Just like all other gloves on our list, this is also equipped with an upgraded touch screen technology that works well with any smart device and touch screens.

Additionally, it increases safety with its reflective flame pattern. Nighttime cycling is made possible with this reflector technology.


  • Material: Spandex, Silicone, Thickened Fleece, Lycra
  • Closure Type: Stretchy cuff

Why we like it

  • Reflective pattern
  • Thick fleece lining
  • Anti-slip silicone strips
  • Fashionable and functional
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Sensitive touch screen
  • Available in various sizes


Cycling is a sport enjoyed by many regardless of the season. Do not let the harsh cold winter hold you down. All you have to do is to bundle up and keep yourself as warm as possible with the appropriate clothes and accessories. Wearing winter cycling gloves is detrimental to a safe and comfortable cycling experience.

However, you need to know how to pick the best gloves for winter cycling since not all of them are made the same. You have to consider several factors such as the materials used, your local weather conditions, as well as the features included. After all these considerations, you can purchase the gloves you need and safely enjoy going out on your bike.

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